Ménage à Trois, drawing in pen and pastels by Margo Berdeshevsky


Coming Thursday June 20, the Summer Issue

Spring 2024

From the Editor

“. . . to astonish a mean world” by Margaret E. Wagner


Mary Zelinka, Thirty-four Years to Graduation

Roz Leiser, Hello and Goodbye

Catherine Palmer, Spleeny

Ariela Zucker, Twenty-one Seconds

Deborah Burke Henderson, Spa Day

Diana Rosen, Lerissa’s Monologue

Nancy L. Glass, MD, Socks for Lola


Rosalind Goldsmith, SMH

Rae Dumont, Dreamers

Jayna Locke, Riptide

Anna Gotlieb, The Unraveling

Elinor Davis, The Broom Maker

Elaine Elinson, No Monument Stands

Lynn Gazis, Leaving the Party

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“the gift that bright exults”: On the Poetry of Alice Fulton
by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor

Selected Poems
by Alice Fulton


Advocate for the Arts: Johanne Bryant-Reid
by Greta Berman, Art Editor

Short Takes

Introduction: Spring Is in the Air (Erotica) by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose and Poetry by Jennifer L. Abod, Jan Bartelli, Miriam Bat-Ami, Denise Beck-Clark, Gayle Bell, Julie H. Bolton, Martha Bordwell, Sharon Brandon, Elisabeth Brennand, Maureen Clark, Suzanna C. de Baca, Shaheen Dil, Mary Alice Dixon, Judith Dorian, Mickey Eliason, Sally Frances, Diane Funston, Patricia Garrison, D. J. Green, Shirlee Jellum, Beth Kanell, Lorelei Kay, Helga Kidder, Sally A. Kilgore, JoAnn Koozer, Jackie Langetieg, Sally McClellan, Denise Osso, Sara Palmer, Rosetta Radtke, Judith R. Robinson, Ursula Shepherd, Noelle Sterne, Elizabeth Zimmer
Music by Gena Raps
Illustrations by Merry Song

Persimmon Tree Forum

Visions for America in this Election Year
Our Readers Express Their Views
Sally Abbott, Rita Ariyoshi, Suzanne S. Austin-Hill, Denise Beck-Clark, Maril Crabtree, Dr. Elizabeth Barbara Brown, Patricia Burgess, Valerie Cullers, Sylvia Fiorelli, Julia Griffin, Susan K. Glassman, Mary Hiland, Margaret Hutchens, Joanne Jagoda, Marilyn June Janson, Barbara Johnson, Julie Lomoe, Hope Prosky, Rosetta Radtke, Norma S. Tucker
Illustrations by Anastasia Andersen and Ciel Downing


Illustrations by Anastasia Andersen, Helen Bar-Lev, Olivia Beens, Margo Berdeshevsky, Sally Buffington, Jeannette DesBoine, Ciel Downing, Rae DuMont, Carmen Germain, Phyllis Green, Marilyn Johnston, Elsa Lichman, Marilyn Papayanis, Susan Pollet, Carolyn Schlam, Marcella Peralta Simon, Merry Song


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Issue 70, Spring 2024