Autumn in Hell’s Kitchen, photograph by Linda Allison


Fall 2023

From the Editor

Personal Touches by Margaret E. Wagner


E. C. Traganas, Chopin Unraveled: Valldemossa, Winter 1839

Margaret J. Swanson, Two Goddesses and a Child: An imagined incident on ancient Crete

Megeen R. Mulholland, Diana Disrobes

Keltie Zubko, Smoothing the Wrinkles

Anne Hotta, Frank and Shirley

Lois Ann Abraham, Day 72

Anne Gruner, It Might Have Happened Otherwise


Carol Westreich Solomon, They’re Digging Dirt in My Family Room

Fay Robinson, House

Rae Dumont, Still Waters

Susan McCarthy, Buried Treasure

Miriam Sagan, January

Janie Braverman, Apocalypse/How to Fold 1,000 Paper Cranes

Patricia McTiernan, Lessons from the Death Café

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The Column

Daddy’s Girls by Mary-Lou Weisman, Guest Columnist


The Gentle Force of Female Wisdom: A Memorial Tribute to Wendy Barker
By Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Poems by Wendy Barker


Restoring Unique American Art: My Work on Federal Art Project Murals

by Greta Berman, Art Editor


Punk Pioneer Exene Cervenka: Her Life in Music and Words
by Sharon M. Hannon, Guest Music Editor

Short Takes

Shameless Self-Promotion
Introduction by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose and Poetry by Sally Mansfield Abbott, Connie Corcoran, Patricia Crisafulli, Karin Eaton, Sally Hess, Susan Knox, Kwan Kew Lai, Wendy Lukomski, Liz Newberry, Kay Patterson, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Ellen Reichman, Li Ruan, Susan Shea, Sabine Vorkoeper-Orchard
Illustrations by Connie Corcoran, Karin Eaton, Linda Falcão, Janis Butler Holm, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

Persimmon Tree Forum

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Illustrations by Linda Allison, Robin Eileen Bernstein, Sheree Stewart Combs, Lynn B. Connor, gaye gambell-peterson, Judith Fox-Goldstein, Kathy Haynes, Lilian H. Hill, Janis Butler Holm, Judy Ireland, E.E. King, Dawn Li, Elsa Lichman, L Maristatter, Marilyn Papayanis, Dietra Reid, Merry Song


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Issue 68, Fall 2023