Special Issue 2022
Sunflower, mixed media by Wendy Lou Schmidt



A Special Issue of Persimmon Tree

From The Editor

Margaret E. Wagner, Women’s Rights: The Challenges We Face

Hope and Persistence

Alice Benson, Hope and Persistence

Nan Gefen, The Long View: A Tribute to Marcia Freedman


Touching upon some of the difficult issues women face at all stages of life, often without any reliable safety nets. A situation exacerbated by recent Supreme Court and state actions.

Daniela Gioseffi, A Death-Defying Illegal Abortion Nearly Destroyed Me

Laurie Harriton, Abortion

Julie Brinkmann, Struggling for Equality in the Catholic Church

Alexandra Geiger Morgan, Triptytch: Three Explorations of Abuse

Claire Kahane, Acolyte

Amy Champeau, Unleashed

Jacquelyn Shah, Mutant

Phyllis Todisco, The Reluctant Caregiver

Mary-Lou Weisman, Ms Me

Eileen Pollack, The True Game of Tennis

Jean Zorn, Nothing is Sure in This World: When Title IX Became a Political Football


Fourteen Poems
Cynthia Hogue, Introduction – Rejecting Despair: Poems of Lament, Rage and Resistance


Gena Raps, Musical Trailblazing: Interview with Serena Benedetti

Persimmon Tree Forum

Speaking of Rights: Our Readers Comment

Women’s Rights: Resources

Fall 2022 Issue

Fiction, Essays, Poetry, and More
Persimmon Tree’s Fall 2022 issue is still available in its entirety.


Illustrations by Suzanne Cottrell, Gaye Gambell-Peterson, Daniela Gioseffi, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Elaine Happnie, Joyce Hoffman, Margaret Karmazin, Judith R. Robinson, Wendy Lou Schmidt, Marcella Simon, Julia C. Spring, Jeri Theriault, RM Yager

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Issue 64, Special Issue, November 2022