From Women of Joy, a suite of photographs by Merry Song


Summer 2024

From the Editor

On Balance by Margaret E. Wagner


Janice Lynch Schuster, Glitter and Dust

Lois Spencer, Sea Change

Perdita Buchan, Dog Wedding

Terri Watrous Berry, Saint Natalie of the Too Soon Departed

Louise A. Dolan, Lucky Bud

Vesna Main, A Woman in a Newsagent Shop

Gerry Wilson, Tell Me Anything

Lynne Shaner, Rush Hour


Judith Fetterley, A Case of the Blues

Jane Seskin, In the Company of Others

Julie Hébert, I Can’t Close My Mouth

Elizabeth Cohen, Little Girl at the Salad Bar

Elizabeth Bird, Shaking the Family Tree: Laura’s Story

Pat Stafford, La riunione (The Reunion)

Robin Stein, Hunger

The Winners’ Circle

Winners of the Persimmon Tree Readers’ Survey Drawing

Andi Penner, Solo Pas de Deux, Nonfiction

Jane Zakrzewski, Home Front, Fiction

L. Maristatter, Valentine, Fiction

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Poets of the Western States
“With Open Eyes”: On the Poetry of Andrea Carter Brown by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
The Gifts of Age and Nature by Andrea Carter Brown, Guest Poetry Editor
Poetry by Kim Addonizio, Rae Armantrout, Andrea Carter Brown, Carol V. Davis, Marsha de la O, Ann Dixon, Alice Hardesty, Jane Hilberry, Andrea Hollander, Mary Mackey, Carol Moldaw, Kathy Nelson, Patty Seyburn, Alice Templeton, Leslie Ullman, Pam Uschuk, Cindy Veach
Illustrations by Jennifer Pratt-Walter


Redux: Art by Howardena Pindell
by Greta Berman, Art Editor


Miyoko Nakaya Lotto: Teacher Extraordinaire
Presented by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Short Takes

Pockets of Joy – Introduction by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose and Poetry by Beth Aviv, Syd Bartman, Karina Bergen, Lisa Braxton, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Alice Duggan, Amanda Freymann, Evie Groch, Martha Ellen Johnson, Tricia Knoll, Donna Kennedy Maccherone, Nancy Owen Nelson, Linda Pollard Puner, Roberta Schultz, Marcella Simon, Helene Smith, Kathryn Taylor, windflower, Karen Zlotnick
Video by Kathy Taylor
Photographs by Merry Song

Persimmon Tree Forum

Election 2024: Discerning Truth in an Age of Disinformation
Our Readers Express Their Views
Introduction by Margaret Wagner, Editor-in-Chief
Suzanne S. Austin-Hill, The Rev’d Lyn G. Brakeman, Denise Beck-Clark, Sharon Brandon, Nancy Chek, Judy Clarence, Valerie Cullers, Martha Ellen, Marta Elva, Mary Gilliland, Marianne Goldsmith, Julia Griffin, Lisa Hewitt, Mary Hiland, Bernadette Inclan, Jacqueline Lapidus, Julie Lomoe, Elizabeth MacLeish, Susan McCabe, Carol Murphy, Deborah Schmedemann, Ellen Hirning Schmidt, Sharon Scholl, Celia Schorr, Gayle Ann Weinstein, Sharon Wood Wortman
Photographs by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka


Illustrations by Linda K. Allison, Sally Buffington, gaye gambell-peterson, Cindy Waszak Geary, Phyllis Green, Elaine Croce Happnie, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Elsa Lichman, Susan Pollet, Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Judith Robinson, Carolyn Schlam, Marcella Simon, Merry Song, Davney Herriges Stahley, Nancie Warner, windflower


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Issue 71, Summer 2024