A Day in June
By Marisa Labozzetta


When thirty-two-year-old Eric Boulanger returns to his Vermont hometown to care for his mother, he attempts to boost the town’s failing economy with a contest that will offer a free wedding. The winner is Bostonian Ryan Toscano whose fiancé has left to become a Jesuit, but whose outspoken Jewish grandmother insists she find a substitute in time for the gala affair. Eric’s well-intentioned brainstorm sets three millennials on an–at times hilarious at times painful–odyssey of self-discovery, one full of surprises amid deceptions, that forces them and an entire town to confront their notions of faith and death, love and acceptance.

A Day in June delighted me with its graceful, smart, witty writing. And with this rare gift: Marisa Labozzetta’s delicious premise delivers.

—Elinor Lipman, On Turpentine Lane


Labozzetta has a marvelous way of pulling the reader into the story. Her characters are wonderfully well written with delightfully deep dialogue and a fast-paced plot. From the laugh-out-loud sarcastic barbs between Chamber of Commerce rivals to Jason’s existential ponderings about morality and mortality,
the author handles both humorous and agonizingly sad situations with an insight into human nature that renders her characters fully rounded. Surprising plot
twists keep readers interested right up until the very end. Part love story, part philosophical discourse, this one leaves an impression.

US Review of Books


Winner of an American Fiction Award, Best Book Award, and Best New Fiction Finalist Award.


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