Seeker: A Sea Odyssey
By Rita Pomade

Seeker: A Sea Odyssey is a delightful mix of adventure, exploration, introspection and reflection, an engaging account of how the author and her partner fulfilled their dream to see the world, discovering, as they adapted en route to different cultures, unanticipated personal strengths and weaknesses. This beautifully crafted account reveals the author’s evolving relationships with her partner, family, the strangers they met along the way, and life.

– Tony Burton, Mexican Kaleidoscope: Myths, Mysteries and Mystique and Western Mexico: A Traveler’s Treasury

Rita Pomade…has written a crackling sea story, an adventure yarn to stand with any of them – except that this sailor is not a swashbuckling, peg-legged pirate with an eye patch but a soft-spoken, introspective woman with a keen eye and (although she never mentions it) bottomless courage. She navigates her way through raging monsoons and real-life pirates from Taipei to the Suez to Mallorca with a sure hand, steady nerves and the intelligence to delve deeply into an experience most of us can only read about.

– Jack Todd, Desertion in the Time of Vietnam, winner of the Mavis Gallant Award for Non-Fiction and the Quebec Writers Federation First Book Award

A fascinating tale that takes the reader into the mind and heart of a true explorer. A glimpse into what so many of us would like to do, it is also masterfully written.

– Sheila McCleod Arnopoulos, winner of a Governor-General’s Literary Award

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