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Our Advertising Policy

Persimmon Tree accepts ads from women 60 and over for books, magazines, websites, art works, gallery showings, play readings and performances, concerts, recordings, textiles and weaving, greeting cards, jewelry, and anything else in the world of literature, the arts or crafts that you wish to share.

The advertising pages can be accessed from anywhere in the magazine by clicking on ArtsMart, which is at the top of every page. The order of ads in ArtsMart changes every time a reader opens their browser, so every ad will rise to the top of the page with some frequency. In addition to appearing in ArtsMart, ads are scattered throughout the editorial pages of the magazine, and are featured every few weeks in emails sent to Persimmon Tree’s mailing list of 8,000 readers, subscribers and friends.

Links to Amazon and are affiliate links, meaning that although the price to the purchaser and your royalty from the publisher remain the same, Persimmon Tree receives a small commission on each purchase. Nevertheless, we will continue also to suggest to purchasers that they can buy your work from independent bookstores, and we will include in your ad any links, in addition to the links to Amazon and, that you request.


Formatting your ad for Persimmon Tree is easy. We’ll do it all for you. Just send us the text you’d like to have in the ad (we suggest that you keep it to 250 words or less) and a photo of the book cover or whatever other picture you’d like in the ad, and our web designer will do the rest. We’ll send you a mockup of your ad for your approval before it appears in Persimmon Tree.

Rates – General

1 issue (3 months online) $110
2 issues (6 months online) $205
3 issues (9 months online) $290
4 issues (1 year online) $365

Rates – Contributors

We are now offering a 1/3 reduction in rates to anyone whose work is in the current issue or has been published in Persimmon Tree in the last 24 months.

1 issue (3 months online) $73
2 issues (6 months online) $137
3 issues (9 months online) $194
4 issues (1 year online) $245


Issue Reservations Copy
Summer June 5 June 10
Fall September 1 September 5
Winter November 27 December 2
Spring February 28 March 2

Reservations and Payment

To reserve space, email Payment is required to secure your reservation.

Pay by Check

Checks payable to Persimmon Tree can be mailed to

Persimmon Tree
c/o Jean Zorn, Publisher
20 W. 64th St., Apt. 30N
New York, NY 10021

Pay by Credit Card

For credit card payments, go to PayPal and address your payment to

Pay by Zelle

Address your Zelle payment to and note in the memo line that it is for an advertisement.

Contact Us

Email If you prefer to speak by phone, please include a phone number and times when you can be reached. Our volunteer ad coordinator will contact you.