Amy Smith Handwovens from Blue Feet Studio
A pleasure to weave; a pleasure to wear

This is a cantankerous ad. I’m offering to sell you my beautiful work, but not online. You’ll have to come to a show in person.

I am a handweaver, designing and weaving scarves and shawls. In my studio on an island in Maine, I work on simple 8-shaft floor looms. I weave exclusively in Tencel, an eco-friendly fiber with lovely drape and luster. My pieces are elegant: fascinating up close, to catch your eye; striking from across a room, to catch someone else’s.

I do not sell online because I’d rather spend my time weaving than photographing each unique piece or babysitting a website. So come to my shows! First in 2020 is the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, February 21-23. I’ll be there as the recipient of the Randy Darwall Grant, honoring that renowned fiber artist. Then I return to the Smithsonian Craft and Design Show, “the most prestigious juried show of fine American crafts in the country,” in Washington. D.C., April 22-26.

Please come see me and my distinguished work at one of these shows. And when you do, introduce yourself as a Persimmon Tree reader. No gimmicks, discounts, or prizes, just this (cantankerous) ad to support Persimmon Tree, to strengthen this community of readers, and, I hope, to get to meet you!

For more information, CLICK HERE.
For upcoming Baltimore show, CLICK HERE. For upcoming Washington, DC show, CLICK HERE.

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