Fox Woman
By Dorothy Gilbert

Known for her exceptional translations of medieval French poetry and as an instructor of medieval French and English literature at major universities, Dorothy Gilbert, of Richmond, California, now presents her first poetry collection. Fox Woman is filled with the beauties of nature and encounters with the natural-wild, as well as philosophical meditations on mathematic formulas, art, and the mysteries of human relationships. The title poem was inspired by print artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s depiction of an ancient Japanese myth about a shape-shifting woman who transforms herself into a fox.

A lyrical, earthy feast. . . these delicious poems lift us into a vivid world with their sensuous embrace.

—Wendy Barker, Gloss


The world becomes magical and often mysterious in Dorothy Gilbert’s poems. Landscapes, cityscapes, ordinary domestic settings, and above all, the presences of nature show forth in a fresh light. The language of the poems is vigorous and musical, its diction bracingly compact, and abounding in little revelatory surprises. This is a book that readers who care about poetry should cherish.

— Robert Alter, translator, the Hebrew Bible, and author, The Art of Biblical Narrative, Genesis, and The Book of Psalms


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