A chapbook by Cynthia Hogue

Contain, Cynthia Hogue’s new book of poems, began in the first few months of the pandemic lockdown as a daily meditation on artist Morgan O’Hara’s mandala-like visual sequence, “Nineteen Forms of Containment.” Each day Hogue focused on different social, cultural, or medical issues, retracing O’Hara’s process as a starting place for her own meditations on matter and form in a time of catastrophe. She often felt as if she were channeling both words and insights as she wrote, an inward-outward communion inspired by O’Hara’s series and the enormity of the tragedy unfolding.

In her New Pages review, poet Jami Macarty praises Hogue for the particular attention she pays to the “social justice-related realities” that the pandemic highlights, as “a way / of putting word to something / for which there are no words.”

Published by Tram Editions

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