We at Persimmon Tree are dedicated to bringing you creative fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art from women over sixty.

Our commitment comes from seeing too many excellent older women writers and artists ignored or disregarded. We live in a youth-oriented society that fails to validate, much less venerate, these women’s talent and skill. Yet they have so much to offer. Decades of life experience have prepared them to speak to the largest questions, and they know how to do this in a multiplicity of ways.

Persimmon Tree wants to make older women’s work available to all ages.

The task is huge. Those of us who are doing it are volunteers, except for our web staff. The editor puts in very long hours, as do the contributing editors. Creating a magazine takes a lot of time and money.

We’re deeply committed—but you can help, too.
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Suzanne Cikowski
Henrietta Dahlstrom
Louise Dolan
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Antoinette Frederick
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Rosemary Hamm, in memory of Bernadette Fenning
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Elyse Hilton
Mary R. Hilvert
Jean Jackmand
Gillian James
Kathleen Jonathan
Barbara Kane
Grace Keating
Sharon Kennedy
Gloria Kirchheimer, in memory of Diane Kalish
Susan Langraf
Jacqueline Lapidus, in memory of Chana Bloch
Lori Levy
Aurora Lewis
Jan Little
Renee Locks
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Gretchen Maclachlan
Carol Marsh
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