We at Persimmon Tree are dedicated to bringing you creative fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art from women over sixty.

Our commitment comes from seeing too many excellent older women writers and artists ignored or disregarded. We live in a youth-oriented society that fails to validate, much less venerate, these women’s talent and skill. Yet they have so much to offer. Decades of life experience have prepared them to speak to the largest questions, and they know how to do this in a multiplicity of ways.

Persimmon Tree wants to make older women’s work available to all ages.

The task is huge. Those of us who are doing it are volunteers, except for our web staff. The editor puts in very long hours, as do the contributing editors. Creating a magazine takes a lot of time and money.

We’re deeply committed—but you can help, too.
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Emily Breese
Mary Burke
Katherine Cunningham
Astrid Dadourian
Gail Gilliland
Adele Glimm
Julie Lakehomerr
Sue Leonard
Susan Lundgren
Melanie Perish
Jane Perry
Hope N. Prosky
Adrienne Sciutto
Rhea Shapiro
Katherine Sklar
Anne-Marie Sutton
Jean Zorn


Wendy Barker
Lois Bassen
Rachel Biale
Holly Bishop
Lynn Brakeman
Janet Brof
Kimberly Burnett
Eileen Burns
Julia Chang
Jane D. Choate
Nancy Collins-Warner
Mary Cook
Claudine Corbanese
Jodi Cothey
Elaine D’Agostino
JP DiBlasi
Elana Dykewoman
Caroline Ellis
Susan Halpern
Cynthia Hogue
MaryAlice Hostetter
Joanne Jagoda
Bonnie Johnson
Antoinette Kennedy
Fran Lubow
Catharine Lucas
Melody Mansfield
Lucy Marx
Patricia McMillen
Rita Mendes-Flohr
Heather Messner
Heidi Messner, in honor of Nancy Kline
Naris Montes, in memory of a wonderful poet, Bonnie L. Johnson
Carol Nadell
Susan Narayan
Jennifer Nessel
Joan Neusel
Judy Richardson
Joyce Ritchie
Angela Rizzuti
Lynn Roberts
Lois Roelofs
Jean Rogers
Alice Campbell Romano
Mary Ann Savage
Julia Spring
Elizabeth Stoessl
Patricia Sullivan
Eleanor Swent
Norma Tucker
Elizabeth Kirckpatrick Vrenios
Maureen West
Susan Won
Joyce Zonana


Anonymous (6)
Gail Arnoff
Subhaga Crystal Bacon
Sing Baker
Nancy Bauer-King
Greta Berman
Patti Bess
Sandra Bittenbender
Miriam Black
Pamela Blair
Lalita Noronha Blob
Alice Block
Lisa Michael Boldt
Adrianne Borgia, in memory of my mother, Elizabeth Borgia
Irene Briggs
Theresa Brown
Gloria Buckley
Sandra Butler
Wendy T. Carlisle
Judith Caroll
Elizabeth Chase
Marian Clark
Margaret Crane
Margo Davis
Louise Dolan
Laurie Duncan
Norma Edwards
Rosanne Ehrlich
Sue Ellis
Judith Emilie
Suvan Geer
Helen Gioulis
Gwen Gunn
Susan Gunter
Rosemary Hamm
Cheryl Heineman
Sally Hess
Anki Hodenpijl
Jo Ann Hoffman
Elizabeth Horst
Page Humpston
Zita Ingham
Lorraine Jeffery
Antoinette Kennedy
Sharon Kennedy
Claire Keyes
Jean Kilbourne
Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer, in memory of Nelly Burlingham
Ellen Kirschman
Joan Kneusel
Marianne Kranz
Pamela Kress-Dunn
Margaret Kroger
Maurine Lahey
Cheryl Levine
Lori Levy
Vicki Lofquist
Alison Loris
Joyce Lott
Charlotte Mandel
Claire Massey
Laurie McCray
Carolyn McGrath
Judith Moorman
Karen Morris
Nancy Nelson
Dorty Nowak
Nancy Nowak
Elaine Nussbaum
Alicia Ostriker
Sylvia Ramos
Hilda Raz
Ellen Reichman
Holly Rice
Susan Rice
Kathleen Robinson
Eleanor Rubin
Paula Rudnick
Susan Sailer
Ruth Saxton
Elaine Schwartz
Shirley Shatsky
Susan Schoch, in memory of Jane Schoch Basey
Kenith Simmons
S. L. Stevens
Carol Sunde
Bonnie Tappan
Patricia Temple
wildflower Townley
Mardi Tuminaro
Edna Wallace
Mary Waters
Avra Wing
Elana Wolff
Phyllis Woloshin
Carol Wright
Eva Yachnes
R. M. Yager
Madelyn Young
Barbara Zucal