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We at Persimmon Tree are dedicated to bringing you creative fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art from women over sixty.

Our commitment comes from seeing too many excellent older women writers and artists ignored or disregarded. We live in a youth-oriented society that fails to validate, much less venerate, these women’s talent and skill. Yet they have so much to offer. Decades of life experience have prepared them to speak to the largest questions, and they know how to do this in a multiplicity of ways.

Persimmon Tree wants to make older women’s work available to all ages.

The task is huge. Those of us who are doing it are volunteers, except for our web staff. The editor puts in very long hours, as do the contributing editors. Creating a magazine takes a lot of time and money.

We’re deeply committed—but you can help, too.
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No amount is too small; everything will be very much appreciated.
If you wish to, you can designate your donation in honor of or in memory of an individual.
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2. If you would prefer to contribute by check, you can do so by making out your check to Persimmon Tree and mailing it to

Persimmon Tree
c/o Jean Zorn, Publisher
One Lincoln Plaza, Apt. 30N
New York, New York 10023-7137


*Persimmon Tree is a tax exempt charitable organization, pursuant to IRC Section 501(c)(3). Persimmon Tree is also a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. All contributions to Persimmon Tree, whether made by check directly to Persimmon Tree or by credit card via Fractured Atlas, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

However you make your gift, and whatever its size, many thanks in helping to grow this persimmon tree!


Here is a list of the donations Persimmon Tree received from you, our very generous readers and supporters, from January 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022 (which marked the end of our winter fundraising drive). That campaign was tremendously successful, and we thank you all for making it such a success – and for the donations you continue to send to us during the rest of the year.

We try to ensure that this list is as complete and accurate as it can be, but if you see any mistakes in it, or if anyone’s name is missing, please let us know, and we’ll make a correction as soon as we can.

Sponsors have contributed $100 or more; sustainers have contributed from $50 to $99, supporters have contributed up to $49; and stalwarts are recurring donors who have arranged to contribute to Persimmon Tree automatically every month. We are grateful to all our donors, no matter the size of your gift. It is only because of your generosity that Persimmon Tree is able to continue to highlight the talent and creativity of older women.

Sponsors ($100 or more)

Anita Altman
Marian Baldy
Lisa Boldt
Pat Boomsma
Janet Brof
Sally Buffington
Mary Burke
Nancy Collins-Warner
Kitty Cunningham
Jane Desmond
Five Partners
Catherine Flaherty
Marcia Freedman
Ruth Gais
Gail Gilliland
Adele Glimm
Robin Gross
Susan Halpern
Melinda Halpert
Amy Haddad
Grace Harde
Janet Holmgren
Nancy Kline
Rochelle Lefkowitz
Prudence Lev
Fran Lubow
Susan Lundgren
Margaret Mandel
Jacquelyn Marie
Lucy Marx
Marilyn Mazur
Margaret Mazzaferro
Gail McCormick
Ruth Minka
Elizabeth Mornin
Kirsten Morgan
Joan Moritz
Kathleen Peratis
Melanie Perish
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Julie Pratt
Shakuntala Rajagopal
Rebecca Ramsden
Honey Rand
Gena Raps
Ellen Reichman
Schwartz Family Fund
Roberta Schultz
C. Schwartz
Adrienne Sciutto
Tracey Seltzer
Alice Simpson
Kathryn Sklar
Julia Spring
Ann F Stanford
Beverly Stock
Dawn Terpstra
Mary Tilghman
Mardi Tuminaro
April Vollmer
Drucilla Wall
Gail Webber
JoAnna Westcott
Ellen Woods
Susan Zimmerman

Sustainers ($50 to $99)

Patricia Aakre
Carolyn Lee Arnold
Karen Arnold
Wendy Barker
Julia Ballerini
Greta Berman
Brenda Bellinger
Marsha Blitzer
Patricia Boswell
Paula Boyland
Lyn Brakeman
Nancy Braun
Donna Bridewell
Patricia Brawley
Lisa Braxton-Reid
Susan Love Brown
Kathleen Canrinus
Mary Ellen Capek
Darlene Ceremello
Myriam Chapman
Ann Chase
Elizabeth Chase
Leslie Clark
Catharine Clark-Sayles
Mary Ann Cook
Nyla Dartt
Jim Douglas
Mary Dunn
Susan Dworkin
Elana Dykewomon
Meredith Escudier
Audrey Ferber
Susan Florence
Sandra Fry
Walt Fujii
Barbara Geiger
Bernard Goldschmidt
Eugenia Grohman
Marjorie Hanft
Ronnie Hess
Sally Hess
Maggie Hill
Cynthia Hogue
Joanne Jagoda
Leslee Jepson
Maj-Britt Johnson
Edie Kausch
Antoinette Kennedy
Claire Keyes
Gloria Kirchheimer
Ellen Kirschman
Kathryn Koob
Sarah Kotchian
Jacqueline Kudler
Julie Lakehomer
Anna Lank
Carolyne Larson
Ellen Leary
Rose Levinson
Lori Levy
Ann Lonstein
Catharine Lucas
Marylee MacDonald
Ronna Magy
Julianne McCullagh
Martha Mendelsohn
Heidi Messner
Carol Nadell
Connie Nelson
Alicia Ostriker
Clorisa Phillips
Nancy Piore
Hope Prosky
Sylvia Ramos Cruz
Patricia Rauscher
Kate Ravin
Susan Roche
Phyllis Rozman
Paula Rudnick
Vera Salter
Kathleen Sampson
Mary Savage
Susan Schoch
Harriet Shenkman
Deborah Shepherd
Susanne Singleton
Patricia Sullivan
Anne-Marie Sutton
Eleanor Swent
Mary Thomas
Priscilla Tilley
windflower Townley
Norma Tucker
Mary Waters
Ellen Wiener
Avra Wing
Renee Winter
Eva Yachnes

Supporters (Up to $50)

Liz Abrams-Morley
Frances Payne Adler
Margarita Alvarez
Diana Anhalt
Dori AppelGail Arnoff
Sing Baker
Joan Baranow
Sarah Barnett
Lois Barr
Glenda Beall
Ginger Benlifer
Margo Berdeshevsky
Carol Biederman
Alice Bloch
Ann L. Boaden
Barbara Bolton
Paula Bonnell
Mary J Breen
Susan Broner
Elga Antonsen Brown
Theresa Brown
Judith Carroll
Rosalea Carttar
Elizabeth Clem
Wendy Cleveland
Patty Cogen
Elizabeth Colbert
Carla Cooke
Kathleen Corcoran
Nancy Corlis
Natalia Corres
Pamela (Jody) Cothey
Elaine Cory
Caroline Coyle
Malinda Crispin
Henrietta Dahlstrom
Marie Daniely
Lynne Davis
Beth DellaRocco
LinMarie DiCianni
Rosanne Dingli
Gail Duberchin
Noma Edwards
Rosanne Ehrlich
Cynthia Elder
Jean Ellison
Judith Emilie
Roberta Estar
Rebecca Evans
Nancy Feinstein
Jan M Flynn
Gaye Gambell-Peterson
Claudia Geagan
Suvan Geer
Debra Gilbert
Nicolette Golding
Kathryn Goldman
Anita Gorman
Grace Graupe-Pillard
Janet Harrison
Dolores Hayden
Marylin Hervieux
Elyse Hilton
Judi Hollis
Susan Huebner
Barbara Huntington
Anne Ierardi
Jean Jackman
B. Fulton Jennes
Claire Kahane
Anne Kaier
Marsha Kaminsky
Lorelei Kay
Barbara Kazdan
Ellen Kazimer
Gurupreet Khalsa
Susan Kress
Janet Lande
Ann Lederer
Frances Lench
Lori Lev
Antonia Lewandowski
Judith Lorber
Yvonne Lorvan
Mardith Louisell
Carol Luther
Ericka Lutz
Janet MacFadyen
Marion MacGillivray
Gretchen MacLachlan
Charlotte Mandel
Carol Marsh
Laurie McCray
Sara McAulay
Linda Melick
Lynn C Miller
Angie Minkin
Elaine Mokhtefi
Nancy Montague
Leslie Moor
Judith Moorma
Jane Morgan
Dana Moriarty
Sue Morin
Charlene Neely
Hope Nisly
Alice Nye
Robin Oakman
Mary Beth OConnor
Lucretia Odinak
Pietrina Pensabene
Stephanie Percival
Pit Pinegar
Nancy Poling
Sylvia Pollack
Sarah Powley
Jill Quist
Sheila Rabinowitch
Susan Rice
Martina Reaves
Bethany Reid
Lynne Reitman
Crystal Rogers
Lois Rosen
Eleanor Rubin
Nan Rush
Marcia Rutan
Susan Sailer
JoAnn Sanderson
Carla Schick
Mary Schoen
Patricia Schopp
Susan Schwalb
Elaine G. Schwartz
Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis
Marilyn Seidler
Rochelle Shapiro
Shirley Shatsky
Ursula Shepherd
Ellen Shriner
Lois Silverstein
Sally Simon
Charlene M. Spretnak
Nancy Stark
S.L. Stevens
Carol Sunde
Nina Tassi
Suzanne Tedesko
Seema Tepper
Laura Tohe
Catherine Torigian
Mary Ungerleider
Kresha Warnock
Jamie Lyn Weaver
Judith Wells
Monica Wehrle
Anne White
Margaret Willey
Marty Williams
Nancy Wolitzer
Carolyn Yates
Madelyn Young

Stalwarts (monthly recurring donations)

Louise Dolan
Mary Donaldson-Evans
Ann Humphrey
Sharon Kennedy
Marianne Kranz
Pamela Kress-Dunn
Maureen Lahey
Sue Leonard
Mary Mullen
Kathleen Robinson
Ruth Saxton
Sally Thomason
Jean Zorn