Introduction to Linda Hogan’s Poetry

Poet, novelist, essayist, and activist Linda Hogan holds dual citizenship in the USA and the Chickasaw Nation. She has spent decades writing and speaking in support of those who defend indigenous rights. She works for the well being of all living things, including crows, moss, land, water, and sky. Humans too. Her historical awareness embraces stories from ancient times, stories passed along by singing and telling, and stories written and read. She brings alive those who breathed before writing came along, those who died in the Sand Creek Massacre, those who walked the Trail of Tears, those who stand up to water cannons at Standing Rock, and those whose lives will not begin until we are dust. Her work adds to traditions that span many, many lifetimes, to traditions that reach back and forward, to traditions that know that we’re all connected – those who came before, those alive now, those yet to be born. Warrior, healer, teacher, writer – Linda Hogan with ferocity and good medicine, generosity and good humor creates writing that makes us all more human. You can read a little from each of her books of poems in her volume Dark. Sweet.: New and Selected Poems (Coffeehouse Press). Linda Hogan lives in Colorado with her horses, dogs, cats, and a little burro. You can learn more at her website:

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