Fall 2018

Persimmon winter weather forecasts are old folklore: Split the seed and look at the embryo inside. If it is in the shape of a spoon, expect lots of snow; a knife, sharp cold; a fork, a mild winter.

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Editor Sue Leonard
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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan

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(Episode #122)


Margaret Leng Tan, Toi, Toi, Toy.
Interviewed by Gena Raps.


Eleanor Swent, Crape Myrtle

Avra Wing, The Anchored Wife


Lynn Taylor, AC

Carol Jeffers, Covenant

Sally Nielson, Profundity

Immigration Redux

Joyce Winslow, The Juggler

Mediha Saliba, Full Circle

A Sketch

Kathleen Rollins, It Doesn’t Matter What You Say. Babies Just Like the Sound of Your Voice


Kate Missett, Canopic Jars.


Marilyn Chin, Erudite Poet

Short Takes

My Bag
Rani Drew, Sue Fagalde Lick, Merimee Moffitt, Martina Reaves, Susan Strassburger, Norma S. Tucker, Ann Zimmerman. Introduction by Jean Zorn.