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Fall 2021
Dear Readers,
Flash insight from the time of COVID: doing nothing is exhausting. Sitting around all day, reading, listening to music, and working on the computer is the opposite of restful. Still, I have managed to pull together the Fall issue of Persimmon Tree – just in time for my favorite season. That accomplishment and the crisp, cool breeze coming in through my windows may, with luck, energize me.
Meanwhile, if you ask me what is going on, I will say “I am resting my eyes,” when actually I am napping. Like my cats, when I close my eyes I fall asleep. Over and over, all day long. Even an espresso can’t snap me awake. The cats nap. With one cat on each side of me, I nap. My secret: I am a world class napper.
Sue Leonard (and Dmitri and Guthrie)


8 Comments on “From the Editor

  1. Really appreciate the ability to click on an author and topic (in the Table of Contents) in the latest issue and have the story come up. Thank you.

  2. The nap happens here, every day. Some days it recharges me, and I am energized. Other times, it leads to a quiet, reflective time. I enjoy the fresh start, and so does my dog Sam.

  3. Your ginger cat looks like my Lucy! She is currently napping and “holding my place” on the couch.

  4. Beautiful kitties! I thought our own beloved Siamese, Tango (2001-2019) was gazing back at me with those startlingly blue eyes— your Dimitri captures my heart. Thank you for the Nap notes!

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