Fall 2022

Waterdroplets, watercolor by Nancy Hage.


Fall 2022


Donna Geer, Sometimes There Are No Words

KJ Hannah Greenberg, Returning Home to Die

Renée Henning, The Place of No Return

Claire Chow, Birthday Celebration

Phyllis Carito, Passing Fancy

Kathleen Sampson, Eggcitement


Elizabeth Reed, A Map of Marriage on Monhegan Island

Leslie Contos, Pillbug Soul

Katy Wright, A Rose by Any Other Name

Louise A. Dolan, Departures

Ellyn Bache, Firstborn


Poetry of Jane Augustine
Introduction: Reality Is My Estate: On the Work of Jane Augustine, by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Poems from Traverse, by Jane Augustine


Diane Churchill, Musicality, Complexity, and Interconnections, by Greta Berman, Art Editor

Short Takes

Turning Points
Introduction: And Turn Again, by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose & Poetry by Mona Anderson, Dianne Apter, Caroline Bassett, Helen Beer, Margo Berdeshevsky, Lisa K. Buchanan, Lillian Hallberg, Joanna Clapps Herman, Jo Ann Hoffman, Lorraine Jeffery, Cherryl Jensen, Jackie Langetieg, Dr. Dorothy C. Miller, Victoria Phillips, Merryn Rutledge, Stephanie B. Shafran, Abby Staberg, Patricia Temple
Illustrations by Jennifer O’Neill Pickering
Music by Linda Shear, Gena Raps

From the Editor

Equinox — and an Invitation to Readers, by Margaret (Peggy) Wagner


A Special Issue of Persimmon Tree



Illustrators: Lakshmi Gill, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Nancy Hage, Carol M. Highsmith, Christa Iceforest, Margaret Karmazin, Elsa Lichman, Salley McInerney, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Judith R. Robinson, Linda Simone, Sarah Sutro, Indu Varma, windflower

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Issue 63, Fall 2022