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Marie Anderson     Lunch Lady Sings the Blues  (Fall, 2019)

Jacqueline Ariail    First Date   (Winter, 2021)

Julia Ballerini     Gloria  (Fall, 2012)

Rita Ariyoshi     The First Kiss  (Summer, 2018)

Julia Ballerini     Gloria  (Fall, 2012)

Carolyn Banks     How I Personally and Perhaps Finally Broke Bad, and Yes, the Names Have Been Changed Because I Am Not Exactly a Dolt  (Winter, 2018)

L.S. Bassen    Portrait of a Rotary Phone   (Spring, 2015)

Anne Batzer     The Woman Next Door  (Spring, 2013)

Gillian Bennett     Snow  (Winter, 2013)

Lois Bassen    Mrs. Dalloway Isn’t Shallow   (Summer, 2011)

Carol Bergman    The Bridge   (Winter, 2010)

Drema Hall Berkheimer    Gypsy Skirt   (Spring, 2010)

Liz Betz    To Love Andy   (Winter, 2015)

Rachel Biale    The Hungarians   (Spring, 2016)

Ann Boaden     Ripping Nails, Breaking Light   (Spring, 2022)

Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton    Happiness Is… (Winter, 2019)

Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton    Sister Love (Summer, 2013)

Patricia Boomsma    Suspect (Summer, 2017)

Nancy Bourne    Memorial Mansion (Spring, 2014)

Nancy Bourne    Fading (Summer, 2018)

Mary J. Breen    A Criminal Menopause   (Summer, 2013)

Mary J. Breen    Finders Keepers   (Spring, 2017)

Julie Brickman    The Rampvan, the Skateboard and the Wheelchair   (Summer, 2017)

E.M. Broner    Life’s Adventures   (Spring, 2007)

Melinda Burns    English Garden   (Spring, 2019)

Renee Howard Cassese    Rose   (Summer, 2013)

Jean Cavrell    Early Bird Special   (Winter, 2007)

Ruth Charney    The Old Bag   (Summer, 2015)

Linda Chavez    The Vigil  (Fall, 2014)

Jennifer Clements    Contempt   (Fall, 2017)

Christie Cochrell     Child of Sky and Earth   (Spring, 2022)

Martie Collins    Relations and Friends   (Summer, 2013)

Melodie Corrigall    Helen   (Spring, 2017)

Carolyn Coyle    The New Director   (Summer, 2021)

Judith Day    Royal Flush   (Spring, 2015)

Joan Diamond    The Long View   (Winter, 2011-2012)

Rochelle Distelheim    Comfort Me with Apples   (Summer, 2012)

Ann Doyle    A Tale of Two Lobsters  (Fall, 2013)

Jacqueline Doyle    Mary Most Contrary  (Fall, 2014)

Jacqueline Doyle    Charlotte’s Puzzle (Summer, 2018)

Tessa Dratt    Orphan   (Spring, 2010)

Susan Duke    The Rendevous   (Spring, 2020)

Susan Dworkin    The Powerhouse in Khuzestan   (Winter, 2007)

Kathleen Ford    Joan’s Counsel   (Winter, 2009)

Marilyn French    The Love Children   (Spring, 2007)

Ruth Gais    The Great Blue   (Fall, 2016)

Miriam Louise Gardener    The Night the Earth Shook   (Fall, 2010)

Roberta Hartling Gates    What Babysitters Do   (Fall, 2009)

Sharon Frame Gay    Seasons   (Summer, 2019)

Carolyn Geduld    The Bad Thing   (Fall, 2019)

Gail Fishman Gerwin    The Lost Child   (Spring, 2016)

Lakshmi Gill    Holy Fool   (Winter, 2014)

Gail Gilliland    Ramona the Starlet   (Summer, 2010)

J. Carol Goodman    What Happened to Ruth  (Fall, 2020)

Clynthia Burton Graham    Unlikely Arrow  (Fall, 2017)

J.F. Gross    If Not Now, When?  (Winter, 2021)

Gilda Haber    The Man in the Mink Hat   (Summer, 2009)

Elaine Handley Hooked Up (Spring, 2021)

Judith Haran Forbidden Elegy (Spring, 2019)

Nancy Smith Harris Jury Duty (Winter, 2017)

Lois Marie Harrod    No. 2 Pencil   (Spring, 2016)

L. M. Harrod    That Mess of Pottage   (Winter, 2020)

Frances Hay    A Stake in the Future  (Summer, 2014)

Laura Davis Hays    Pride   (Winter, 2021)

Rolaine Hochstein    The Scam   (Fall, 2009)

Norah Holmgren    Sunrise Over Dolores Park   (Fall, 2009)

Faith Reyher Jackson    Window on Tomorrow   (Winter, 2008)

Gill James    Locker 13   (Summer, 2019)

Lorraine Jeffery   This Ain’t Nothin’   (Winter, 2016)

Teddy Jones    Spring Storms   (Spring, 2013)

Nell Joslin    The Wild Swans   (Winter, 2015)

Melanie Kaye / Kantrowitz    Walk on the Wild Side   (Fall, 2007)

Margaret Karmazin    Risk   (Winter, 2009)

Marilyn Ogus Katz    Witness to History   (Fall, 2016)

Debra Kennedy   The Marriage of True Minds   (Winter, 2022)

Sue Kesler   The Neighbors   (Winter, 2013)

Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer    The Ash Tree   (Fall, 2007)

Jane Lazarre    Inheritance   (Spring, 2007)

Prudence Lev    Perky   (Summer, 2021)

Priscilla Long    The Rubble That Is the Past   (Summer, 2021)

Carol J. Luther    Play Pretties   (Spring, 2019)

Roberta Albom Liebler    Reluctant Sanctuary   (Spring, 2014)

Mary Lewis    A Good Session   (Summer, 2014)

Catharine Lucas    Prize Day   (Summer, 2015)

Jan Maher    Turn, Turn, Turn   (Fall, 2010)

Vesna Main    Baking for Love   (Winter, 2016)

Linda Maki    Water   (Spring, 2021)

Karen Mandell    Repotting   (Spring, 2012)

Melody Mansfield    Fertilizer  (Fall, 2015)

Elizabeth Mapstone    Singing the Serpentine Blues   (Winter, 2013)

Toni Martin    Sara and Us   (Winter, 2013)

Jacqueline Masumian    The Rehearsal   (Summer, 2019)

Nancy McMillan To the River (Fall, 2021)

Marion Menna    An Enormous Child   (Spring, 2009)

Charlotte G. Morgan    Prehistoric Heart   (Winter, 2018)

Hallie Moore     The Unemployed Nymph and The Glass Ceiling   (Fall, 2012)

Charlotte Morgan    What? Tell Me, What?   (Winter, 2020)

Elizabeth Morris    Wrack Line   (Fall, 2008)

Joyce H. Munro     Be Jubilant My Feet   (Winter, 2018)

Kathryn Nasuti  Cabbage Roses (Winter, 2011-12)

Joan Newburger A Bad Day in the Promised Land (Winter, 2017)

Lesléa Newman Maidel (Spring, 2017)

Lalita Noronha    Indelible Lines   (Summer, 2010)

Mary Beth O’Connor House Guests (Winter, 2022)

Katharine O’Flynn    When the Time Comes   (Summer, 2017)

Lucie Ogilvie    Damaged   (Fall, 2011)

Charlotte Painter    Rings   (Spring, 2008)

Rose Perlmutter    Pot Roast   (Summer, 2012)

Joyce Pfeiffer     Predator   (Fall, 2015)

Graziela Pimental    Aunt Rose   (Winter, 2015)

Rita Plush     Can We Talk?   (Fall, 2012)

Nancy Werking Poling     Afterlife   (Spring, 2020)

Judie Rae     A Commitment to Change   (Spring, 2014)

Joy Rathgeb     The Proper Way to Prepare Conch   (Fall, 2013)

Martha Kilgore Rice    Furthermore, She Had Never Read Anais Nin  (Fall, 2012)

Barbara Ridley     Double Latte   (Spring, 2022)

Susan Robbins    A Breath Away   (Spring, 2009)

MJ Roberts    Stick Figures   (Spring, 2013)

Sarah Rossiter    Where Will All Come Home  (Fall, 2013)

Martha Roth    Grandma Season   (Spring, 2008)

Sara Kay Rupnik    A Study of Light   (Spring, 2011)

Lenora Salvucci    Bless the Child   (Winter, 2012)

Betty J. Sayles    Self Defense   (Fall, 2013)

Carol Scott-Conner    A Life of Flames   (Fall, 2010)

Hollis Seamon    The Trojan Cat   (Spring, 2012)

Bonnie Sedgemore    Buying Love   (Summer, 2014)

Kathryn Shaver    The Armoire   (Summer, 2009)

Deborah Shouse    Beyond the Dunes   (Winter, 2010)

Alice Simpson Eldridge Street, 1902 (Fall, 2021)

Barbara Smith    The Heir   (Summer, 2014)

Louise Smith    Heartsong’s Mother   (Fall, 2008)

Eleanor Fay Snyder    Of George  (Spring, 2021)

Carol Solomon    Heartache  (Fall, 2014)

Julia Sommer    Clippings   (Winter, 2014)

Christine Stewart    A Good Tradition   (Winter, 2013)

Darlene D. Stickel    Fred and Her Big Gift   (Fall, 2020)

Liz Strachan    Holding on with Love   (Fall, 2007)

Eleanor Swent    Crape Myrtle   (Fall, 2018)

Ann G. Thomas    Mrs. Brown   (Spring, 2011)

Ann Tracy    Quiet Girls, 1960   (Winter, 2016)

Lorain Urban Corpora Caelestia (Winter, 2017)

DeEtte Beghtol Waleed    On the Bridge   (Spring, 2014)

Diana L. Walters    The Way of the Sparrow   (Winter, 2019)

Lucy Warner    Drowning Kittens   (Spring, 2011)

Gail A. Webber    Never Waste A Good Hole   (Fall, 2015)

Brenda Webster    Blind Spots   (Summer, 2008)

Linda Garman Weimer    Shrub It   (Winter, 2016)

Margot Adler Welch    Now For The Rest   (Summer, 2011)

Linda A. White    On Strike   (Fall, 2016)

Meredith Sue Willis    Feral Grandmothers: Little Red’s   (Winter, 2014)

Meredith Sue Willis Grandma Shiksa (Fall, 2021)

Avra Wing    The Anchored Wife   (Fall, 2018)

Irene Wittig    A Night at the Opera   (Summer, 2015)

Carol Wobig    What Choice Do We Have   (Winter, 2014)

J.L. Wynne    Shakespeare’s On It   (Fall, 2017)

Susan Yankowitz    Stuntwoman   (Winter, 2008)

Rona Yohalem    Dance With a Stranger   (Fall, 2011)

Keltie Zubko    More than Twelve   (Winter, 2022)

A Sketch

Susan Adam    Sins of Omission   (Fall, 2014)

Opal Palmer Adisa    My Mother Taught Herself to Drive   (Winter, 2022)

Susan B. Apel    And I Cannot Bear to Think About the Books   (Fall, 2017)

Judith Arcana    Eva Has Cancer   (Fall, 2015)

Connie Bedgood    The Hummingbird and Sam   (Winter, 2018)

Becky Boling Birthday No. 61 (Summer, 2021)

Barbara Carey Assurance and Insurance (Spring, 2021)

Bell Gale Chevigny    Sometimes Glad, Sometimes Sorry: Eighty-two-year Inventory   (Winter, 2019)

Patty Dann    Lord Byron on My Phone   (Summer, 2017)

Audrey Ferber    West Coast Swinger   (Spring, 2019)

Edith Lank    A Day in the Life   (Fall, 2016)

Susan Gene McCartney Train to Tozeur (Summer, 2020)

Cynthia Graae Breakthrough (Spring, 2022)

Carol Nadell In His Own Time (Summer, 2018)

Kathleen Rollins It Doesn’t Matter What You Say. Babies Just Like the Sound of Your Voice (Fall, 2018)

Eleanor Rubin Rete Mirable (Spring, 2020)

Moira Sauvage    The Summer Deck / La Terrasse   (Summer, 2014)
En reprise The Summer Deck / La Terrasse (Spring, 2022)

Mimi Schwartz    Fix-It Fantasy   (Winter, 2018)

Julia C. Spring River of Women (Winter, 2017)

Edna Troiano    The Secret in the Old Trunk   (Spring, 2016)

Linda Weimer What Will I Be Today? (Fall, 2020)

Chila Woychik The Rural Chronicles: Love (Fall, 2021)

Ann Zimmerman Time Enough (Summer, 2018)


Susan Dworkin    Marty’s Version – A Monologue   (Fall, 2016)


E.M. Broner    The Dancers   (Winter, 2016)

In Memoriam

Marcia, My Friend, by Nan Gefen, Publisher Emerita (Fall, 2021)

Marcia Snares Me, by Sue Leonard, Editor (Fall, 2021)

Our Esther, by Marcia Freedman, Sue Leonard (Fall, 2011)


Sally Hess    Descartes Appears, We Talk   (Winter, 2019)


Margot Adler      Why We Love Vampires   (Winter, 2013)

Paula Gunn Allen      The Perils of Being Paula   (Summer, 2007)

Sherry Ruth Anderson    A Secret I Should Be Keeping   (Summer, 2013)

Jane Ariel    Evelyn   (Winter, 2009)

Gail Arnoff    In Our Mother’s Closet   (Winter, 2016)

Gail Arnoff    In Another Closet   (Winter, 2022)

Barbarann Ayars     The Pie Queen   (Fall, 2012)

Barbara L. Baer    Shadows over the Galapagos   (Fall, 2016)

Linda Baldanzi    Rattled   (Summer, 2014)

Lygia Ballantyne    Cooking by the Book   (Spring, 2009)

Nancy Barnes    I Got to See Their Words   (Spring, 2015)

L. Shapley Bassen    The Rains Down in Africa   (Summer, 2020)

Nancy Bauer-King    Recycled   (Spring, 2016)

Margo Berdeshevsky    My Lunch with Belochka   (Summer, 2013)

Justine Blank     Thelma and Louise (not the movie)   (Fall, 2012)

Annette Berkovits    Rebel With a Cause   (Spring, 2014)

Savitri L. Bess    Unexpected   (Winter, 2009)

Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte    Dead Chickens and Miss Anne   (Spring, 2012)

Bonnie Lee Black    Youth and Beauty   (Fall, 2008)

Martha Boesing    Parker Lake Jail   (Spring, 2014)

Patricia Boswell    The Visit   (Summer, 2021)

Sandy Boucher    Friendship and Change with Tillie Olsen   (Spring, 2007)

Nancy Bourne    Frozen Laughter   (Summer, 2020)

Katherine Bradway    On Approaching My Hundreth Year   (Summer, 2009)

Rev. Lyn G. Brakeman    Becoming a Woman Priest   (Winter, 2012)

Donna Bridewell    Molecules   (Spring, 2022)

Janet Brof    Holding Ground   (Fall, 2013)

Spotted Earth Woman/Gloria Brooks; Yvonne Rand; Victoria Rue Unfolding: Women’s Spiritual Paths   (Fall, 2010)

Dorothy Bryant    Pushing Eighty-Still Pushing Books   (Summer, 2009)

Sandra Butler    Tiptoeing Toward Seventy   (Summer, 2009)

Sandra Butler    Repairs   (Spring, 2017)

Sandra Butler    Full Body Scan   (Winter, 2020)

Michelle Cacho-Negrete    On The Fire Escape   (Winter, 2007)

Pat Carr    Prom Dress  (Summer, 2014)

Myriam Chapman    Disgust, (or What We Do for Love)   (Spring, 2019)

Leslie Clark    Snake Rain  (Winter, 2022)

Bell Gale Chevigny    Desire Is the Best Crutch   (Spring, 2013)

Bell Gale Chevigny    Our Robbery   (Spring, 2014)

Marian Mathews Clark    Getting There   (Fall, 2008)

Jenny Clover    Smog Check   (Spring, 2015)

Patty Cogen    If You Want to Change Your Life, Begin with Your Underwear   (Winter, 2014)

Kathleen Collins   Possibilities   (Spring, 2022)

Ruth Crocker    My Buddy’s Hat   (Winter, 2013)

Jane DiVita Woody   The System   (Winter, 2020)

Mary Donaldson-Evans   Not for Sissies?   (Spring, 2022)

Dawn Downey   The Cleaning Women   (Summer, 2017)

Carol M. Downie    My Snake   (Fall, 2013)

Dora Dueck    Reunion  (Fall, 2020)

Phyllis Dunham    The Things You Held Sacred   (Fall, 2015)

Susanne Dutton   Medium Well   (Winter, 2019)

Rosanne Ehrlich Another Disney Fan Bites the Dust (Winter, 2017)

Jane C. Elkin Shades of Love and Duty (Spring, 2022)

Meredith Escudier    Like it or Not   (Summer, 2013)

Karen Frank, Susan Pope, Carrie Lugar Slayback, Adriane St. Clare    Pushing Through   (Spring, 2011)

Marcia Freedman    Going Back   (Spring, 2008)

Jean Gochros    What to Do About Danielle   (Fall, 2017)

Vivian Gornick    Turning Sixty   (Summer, 2009)

Claudia A. Geagan    Wife   (Winter, 2014)

Nan Fink Gefen    Change and All That   (Spring, 2012)

Nan Fink Gefen    Down the Rabbit Hole: My Adventures in Publishing   (Winter, 2014)

Daniela Gioseffi Everything Happens for a Reason? (Winter, 2017)

Jane Hanser    The Registry   (Summer, 2013)

Linda Hirschhorn    Yes I Will Dance  (Fall, 2013)

Susan Hoffman    The Anxious Stitch   (Winter, 2018)

Mary Alice Hostetter   Reclaiming Good Bones   (Spring, 2020)

Ruth Hunter    Circles of Hope   (Winter, 2007)

Joan Shaddox Isom   Four Laps in August   (Summer, 2008)

Carol Jeffers   Covenant   (Fall, 2018)

Barbara Johnson & Billie Mulkey    Hardscrabble Times   (Winter, 2009)

Susan E. Johnson    Edward Nicholas  (Fall, 2014)

Claire Kahane  My Mother’s Story: Memento Mori   (Winter, 2021)

Kay Jorgensen, Mary Risala Laird, Rabbi Leah Novick  Unfolding: Women’s Spiritual Paths   (Winter, 2010)

Suzanne Juhasz   Classroom Ballerina: The Sequel   (Winter, 2013)

Frances Kappler   Monster   (Winter, 2015)

Jane Kays Maryann (Winter, 2017)

Barbara Rady Kazdan   Don’t Tell Hubby   (Winter, 2019)

Barbara Rady Kazdan The Mourning Fog (Winter, 2021)

Deborah Kent   Where Is the Ladies’ Room, Anyway?   (Fall, 2014)

Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer   My Life in Pieces   (Summer, 2015)

Nancy Kline   Florida   (Summer, 2010)

Nancy Kline   Terrifying Tales   (Spring, 2020)

Lisa Knopp  Lure   (Summer, 2019)

Eva Kollisch    Father   (Fall, 2007)

Edith Konecky   Soup   (Winter, 2007)

Sophia Kouidou-Giles  Under the Azure Sky   (Spring, 2016)

Carolyn Kraus   Animus   (Summer, 2012)

Jane T. Krebs   Peaches   (Spring, 2021)

Michele Landsberg   Activism Is My Modus Operandi   (Spring, 2014)

Mary Martha Lappe   Dancing with the Stripes   (Winter, 2015)

Roz Leiser   Reluctant Bride  (Summer, 2014)

Joan Lester   Naps   (Fall, 2007)

Shoshana Levenberg   In My Name   (Spring, 2020)

Carol Levine  The Fruit of the Apple Tree   (Fall, 2015)

Aurora M. Lewis    My Cowgirl Blues   (Fall, 2017)

Flossie Lewis  Maude’s Pill   (Winter, 2015)

Sue Fagalde Lick  When You Can’t Even Get Drunk   (Spring, 2019)

Mardith Louisell  The Long Shower   (Spring, 2017)

Abby Luby      (Summer, 2019)

Barbara Mahone    A Tuskegee Story  (Summer, 2014)

Melody Mansfield    Gouache Rhymes with Squash  (Fall, 2020)

Catherine Mathews    The Girl by the Door  (Summer, 2021)

Caroline Ames McCoy    The Story of Asher   (Summer, 2010)

Stephanie Wilson Medlock    Keeping Score   (Summer, 2013)

Debbie L. Miller    But, I’m a Girl   (Fall, 2017)

Nina Mishkin    A Story   (Spring, 2010)

Susan Moon   What If I Never Have Sex Again?   (Summer, 2008)

Jean P. Moore    Finding Charles   (Summer, 2011)

Jane P. Morgan    The Normal Aging Process   (Fall, 2013)

Christina Mowle    The Distorting Eye   (Summer, 2017)

Lisa Mullenneaux    The Vanishing Point: Artists Respond to Climate Change   (Spring, 2017)

ruie Mullins    At the Plaza   (Winter, 2015)

Daphne Muse    Gettin’ Sixty   (Spring, 2007)

Susan Neville    Billow  (Fall, 2020)

Emily Newberry    The First Steps   (Winter, 2016)

Sally Nielsen    The Bootleg Daughter   (Fall, 2011)

Sally Nielsen    Profundity   (Fall, 2018)

Hope Nisly    Never Take a Drop of H2O Lightly   (Winter, 2020)

Lee Haas Norris   A Woman’s Got to Do  (Winter, 2011-12)

Lee Haas Norris   BFF  (Fall, 2016)

Patty Anne O’Hara     A Hot Couple?   (Winter, 2018)

Jane O’Reilly     Diary of a Political Education   (Fall, 2016)

Elaine Neil Orr     Falling   (Winter, 2018)

Paula Phipps     That Invisible Door Between Us and the Homeless   (Fall, 2014)

Lenore Pimental     First Sit Up Straight   (Fall, 2012)

Melba Pitts    God Nodded   (Summer, 2018)

Leanne Phillips    Growing an Avocado Tree from Seed   (Winter, 2022)

Letty Cottin Pogrebin     Cover-Up Creep   (Summer, 2015)

Patricia Pomerleau    Gay March   (Fall, 2015)

Joan Potter    Turning Elderly   (Winter, 2022)

Anna Rabkin    Southern Sixties   (Summer, 2012)

Margaret Randall    Coyote Grin  (Fall, 2011)

L. J. Reed    The Cribbage Master (Spring, 2012)

Bethany Reid    About a Marriage, from A to Zed (Fall, 2021)

Ruth Resch    Through the Eyes Of… (Fall, 2009)

Ruth Resch    Travel Agent (Spring, 2016)

Ruth Resch    Requiem for My Beloved (Summer, 2018)

Phyllis Jane Rose    Sisters: A Digital Story (Spring, 2010)

Carole Rosenthal   Whose Lie Is This?   (Summer, 2007)

Deborah Ross    Barbie’s Bleak House; or, Married with Furniture (Spring, 2021)

Mediha Saliba    Quilts in Life   (Winter, 2013)

Adina Sara    Holy Days   (Fall, 2021)

Roussel Sargent    Reaching Ninety   (Summer, 2009)

Adrienne Sciutto    The Sophie Stories   (Fall, 2019)

Shizue Seigel    Of Christmas and Karma   (Winter, 2016)

Alice Shalvi    Point of (No) Return   (Summer, 2012)

Kaelin McGee Shipley    Letting Go   (Spring, 2019)

Harriet Squier    The ICU   (Summer, 2019)

Patricia Temple    The Windmill   (Summer, 2020)

Jo Ann(e) Valentine (Pascoe) Simson (Smith)    What’s in a Name?   (Spring, 2015)

Ann Warren Smith   Getting to the Heart   (Fall, 2014)

Ann St James    Ed Is Dead   (Spring, 2013)

Laura Tamakoshi    “The White Woman Will Eat You!”   (Spring, 2015)

Lynn Taylor    “AC”   (Spring, 2015)

Monona Wali    The Resistance of Shakuntala   (Summer, 2021)

Mary C. Waters    Weaving Lesson   (Winter, 2013)

Mary Watkins    Learning from Liberace   (Spring, 2008)

Gayle Ann Weinstein    Meet Me on the Corner   (Winter, 2014)

Ernestine Whitman Musical Themes (Winter, 2021)

Nancy Wick Just Like Me (Winter, 2017)

Laurey Williams Twins (Fall, 2021)

Mitsuye Yamada    Red Shoes and Milk Baths   (Summer, 2011)

Sondra Zeidenstein    Old Woman, New Poems (Spring, 2010)

Mary Zelinka    Boundaries (Winter, 2019)

Elizabeth Zimmer    North Wing (Spring, 2013)


Vivian Gornick      Feminism in These Times   (Spring, 2015)

Suzanne Juhasz, Cleo Kocol, Tricia Knoll, Kathy Merlino, Janet Sunderland, Edna Troiano
Responses to Vivian Gornick’s Feminism in These Times   (Summer, 2015)

Lucy Marx      The Reckoning of Junot Diaz   (Fall, 2019)

Responses to Lucy Marx The Reckoning of Junot Díaz (Winter, 2020)

Insurrection – Inauguration (Winter, 2021)
A Special Section on the Extraordinary Events of January 2021
Liz Abrams-Morley, Dori Appel, Susan Baskin, Margo Berdeshevsky, Ann Boaden, Carol Dorf, Christine Emmert, Patricia Feeney, Marilyn June Janson, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios, Alice Marks, Valerie L. Mathews, Lyn May, Elaine Nussbaum, Nancy Poling, Mary Russell, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, Nina Tassi, Melody Wilson
Art by Margo Berdeshevsky, gaye gambell-peterson, Judith Fox Goldstein, Sabiha Iqbal, Elsa Lichman, windflower
Music by Gena Raps
Introduction by Jean Zorn

Corona Supplements 2020

Where I Live: Coping with Corona No. 5
The Prose
A Word from the Publisher by Jean Zorn
Essays by Julie Gardner, Mary Hood Hart, Sally Hess, Susan Hoffman, Cynthia Hogue, Lorelei Kay, Susan Lundgren, Jane Shlensky, Joanna Sit, Stephanie Stevens, Joyce Winslow, Joyce Zonana
Images by Nancy Henningsen, Sally Hess, Gena Raps

Where I Live: Coping With Corona No. 4
The Prose
Nancy Bauer-King, Margo Berdeshevsky, Carol Edelstein, Sharon Frame Gay, Louise Nayer, Lalita Noronha, Vicki Pieser, Lynne Reitman, Lois Roma-Deeley, Ann Folwell Stanford, Nancy Allen Wolter, Elizabeth Zimmer
Music by Gena Raps
Reading by Cynthia Hogue
Art by Teresa Fasolino, Susan Mills
Introduction by Jean Zorn

Love in a Time of Corona No. 3
The Poetry
Peggy Aylsworth, Luci Huhn, Sarah Kotchian, Ellen Reynard, Claire Scott, Peggy Shumaker, Amy Small-McKinney, Pam Uschuk
Art by Susan Katz, Jane P. Perry, Gena Raps, Melanie Tervalon
Music by Gena Raps
Introduction by Jean Zorn

Prose Plus
Pat Carr, Margo Davis, Judith Emilie, Susan Lundgren, Ronna Magy, Elaine Nussbaum, Susan Rees, Judy S. Richardson, Mia Kirsi Stageberg
Art by Mary Burke, Elsa Lichman, Gena Raps
Music by Carol Wincenc and Gena Raps
Introduction by Jean Zorn

Love in a Time of Corona No. 2
The Poetry
Karen Brennan, Cynthia Hogue, Diana Livi, Charlotte Mandel, Claire Massey, Elaine Piper, Joyce Ritchie, Sherri Wright
Art by Susan V. Mills, Angela Rizzuti, Barbara Woods
Introduction by Jean Zorn

The Prose
Julia Ballerini, Kitty Cunningham, Marcy Darin, Caroline Ellis, Rita Mendes-Flohr, Edvige Giunta, Alyce Guynn, Hope Niman Prosky, Sue Won
Art by Jeannette DesBoine, Barbara Wallace, Windflower
Introduction by Jean Zorn

Love in a Time of Corona No. 1
The Prose
Elaine Barnard, Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer, Nan Fink Gefen, Patricia Gallagher, Cynthia Hogue, Carol Nadell, Jane O’Reilly, Eleanor Rubin, Carol Westreich Solomon
Music by Gena Raps. Art by Susan Florence, Francesca King
Introduction by Jean Zorn

The Poetry
Karen Brennan, Laura Budofsky Wisniewski, Nancy Collins-Warner, JP DiBlasi, Charlotte Mandel, Marian Mathews Clark, Lynn Roberts, Susan Sailer, Unc4gina
Music by Gena Raps & Carol Wincenc. Art by Francesca King
Introduction by Jean Zorn


A Message to Our Readers, Jean Zorn, Publisher (Spring, 2022)


Marie Anderson The Liberation of Heavenly Bodies (Spring, 2018)

Maria Espinosa Catalina, Mi Amor (Spring, 2018)

Gail B. Frank Wreckage of the Human Heart (Spring, 2018)

Daniela Gioseffi An American Dream (Summer, 2018)

Chellis Glendinning How to Cross the Border (Spring, 2018)

Cynthis Inman Graham Xoyatla Is a Proper Noun (Spring, 2018)

Margie Patlak Matriarchs and Monarchs (Summer, 2018)

Niomi Roth Phillips An American Dream (Spring, 2018)

Lenore Pimental Small Mercies (Summer, 2018)

Judy S. Richardson Working With Refugees (Spring, 2018)

Mary Jane (MJ) Roberts Apple Strudel (Summer, 2018)

Mediha Saliba Full Circle (Fall, 2018)

Ann Vander Stoep Neighbors (Winter, 2020)

Joyce Winslow The Juggler (Fall, 2018)


Making Trouble (Winter, 2017)
The Editorial Board

Short Form (Spring, 2017)
Carol A. Amato, Myrna Loy Ashby, Pat Carr, Kitty Cunningham, Sandra Enos, Sophia Kouidou-Giles, Debbie L. Miller, Patricia A. Pomerleau

Long Form (Spring, 2017)
Cynthia Carbone, Melody Mansfield, Ann Vander Stoep

Troublemakers in Action (Summer, 2017)
Catherine Aks, Pat Carr, Sylvia Ramos Cruz, Sophia Kouidou-Giles, Ronna Magy, Patricia Pomerleau, Cynthia Ward

Marion Coleman’s Tee (Fall, 2017)


Kathryn Kish Sklar    Gerda Lerner   (Spring, 2013)

Persimmon Tree Pays Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg   (Fall, 2020)
Becky Boling, Mary Burke, Lucy Griffith, Ann Hedreen, Laurie Kuntz, Tricia Knoll, Jacqueline Kudler, Jacqueline Lapidus, Sue Leonard, Mary K O’Melveny, Angie Minkin, Berta Morgan, Susanna Rich, Susan Shaw Sailer, Ariel Smart, Debbie Theiss
Music selected by Gena Raps


Emma Goldman    Reflections on Aging   (Spring, 2010)

Florida Scott-Maxwell    From
The Measure of My Days
   (Fall, 2009)


E.M. Broner and Mary Gordon    The Writing Life   (Winter, 2008)

Susan Griffin & Maxine Hong Kingston The Open Heart Is a Force For Peace   (Winter, 2010)

Irena Klepfisz and Nancy Stoller    Lives of Confinement   (Summer, 2010)

Sue Leonard and Lilly Rivlin    Story Teller   (Spring, 2014)

Sue Leonard and Toshi Seeger    Interview   (Summer, 2012)

Music, Dance & Theatre

Terry Joan Baum     Mom Comes Out   (Fall, 2012)

Alina Bloomgarden     Jazz Visionary   (Spring, 2021)
interviewed by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Jane Ira Bloom     Jazz Saxophonist and Composer   (Summer, 2021)
interviewed by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Martha Boesing     Song of the Magpie   (Summer, 2007)

Donna Weng Friedman     Stories from the Piano   (Winter, 2022)
Interview by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Yoko Takebe Gilbert  Mothering Musicians  (Spring, 2022)
Interview by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Tania León  In Motion  (Summer, 2016)

Margaret Leng Tan     Toi, Toi, Toy   (Fall, 2018)

Emily Levine     Off to the Races   (Fall, 2012)

Naomi Newman    Five Scenes   (Spring, 2008)

Gena Raps    An Interview with Thea Musgrave (Spring, 2009)

Gena Raps    Creative Collaboration: Elinor Armer and Ursula Le Guin   (Fall, 2010)

Gena Raps     An Interview with Evangeline Benedetti   (Fall, 2012)

Gena Raps    Carol Winsenc: The Magician of the Flute   (Winter, 2013)

Gena Raps     Pianist to Pianist: Gena Raps interviews Ursula Oppens (Spring, 2017)

Oxana Yablonskaya, Gena Raps    A Musical Life From Moscow to New York   (Fall, 2013)

Marta Renzi   Choreographer and Independent Filmmaker   (Summer, 2016)

Dorothy Roberts    I Loved Him   (Fall, 2015)

Elizabeth Zimmer    An Interview with Anita Hollander   (Sprint, 2020)


Frances Payne Adler, Guest Editor   International Poets   (Summer, 2015)
Frances Payne Adler, Margo Berdeshevsky, Lakshmi Gill, Shareen Knight, Lesley Lababidi, Gila Landman, Anita Lerek, Althea Romeo-Mark

Dare I Call You Cousin, poetry by Frances Payne Adler (Spring, 2022)
The Way of the Matriot: On the Poetry of Frances Payne Adler, an introduction by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor

Judith Arcana, Guest Editor   Northeast Region Poetry   (Fall, 2008)
Annette Basalyga, Barbara Crooker, Susan Donnelly, Lynnel Jones, Jacqueline Lapidus, Elizabeth Lara, Alicia Ostriker, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Becky Dennison Sakellariou, Sondra Zeidenstein

Christianne Balk, Guest Editor   West Coast Poetry   (Summer, 2018)
Kathleen Joy Anderson, Marri Champié, Linda Conroy, Ginger Dehlinger, Suzanne Edison, Gail Entrekin, Susan Landgraf, Joan Moritz, Penelope Scambly Schott, Judith Skillman, Stephanie Striffler

Cynthia Hogue and Devreaux Baker, Introductions   Poets from the West Coast   (Summer, 2020)
Poetry by Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Devreaux Baker, Carol Barrett, Gail Entrekin, Lorraine Jeffery, Sigrun Susan Lane, Eileen Malone, Judith Montgomery, Melanie Perish, Judith Quaempts, Kenith Simmons, Pat West, windflower
Photographs by Robin Gross; Illustration by Teresa Fasolino
Musical Interlude presented by Evangeline Benedetti and Pedja Muzijevic

Wendy Barker, Guest Editor   International Poetry   (Fall, 2010)
Margo Berdeshevsky, Jo Carroll, Tamra Hays, Jennifer Hedges, Lisa Katz, Katharine O’Flynn, Becky Sakellariou, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi

Wendy Barker   Eleven Poems   (Spring, 2013)
Introduction: Alicia Ostriker, An Introduction to Wendy Barker’s Poetry

Aliki Barnstone, Guest Judge    Seventeen Poems:
Poetry from the Central States
   (Winter, 2021)
Aliki Barnstone, Nancy Lael Braun, Jacqueline Brogan, Wendy Cleveland, Jeanne Emmons, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Margaret Hasse, Pauletta Hansel, Judith Sanders, Annette Sisson, Rebecca A.
Spears, Bonnie Larson Staiger, Dawn Terpstra, Drucilla Wall, LaWanda Walters, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
Introducing Aliki Barnstone by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Music by Gena Raps

Dr. Tina Barr, Guest Judge    Poets from Elsewhere   (Summer, 2021)
Introducing Tina Barr by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Tina Barr, Margo Berdeshevsky, Nicole Brossard, Lam Thi My Da, Dubravka Djuric, Elizabeth Mornin, Liana Sakelliou, Susan Wicks, Linda Stern Zisquit

Margo Berdeshevsky, Guest Editor    Poems from the Central North States   (Winter, 2015)
Kathleen Dale, Mary Moore Easter, Susan Fox, Mary Hotlen, Linda Maki, Beverly Offen, Mary Kay Rummel, Barbara Kreader Skalinder, Gayle Ann Weinstein

Chana Bloch   Twelve Poems   (Winter, 2009)
Introduction: Anita BarrowsWriting a Woman’s Life 

Chana Bloch   Fifteen Poems   (Spring, 2015)
Interview: Wendy BarkerChana Bloch’s Swimming in the Rain: Writing a Woman’s Life 

Beverley Bie Brahic, Guest Judge    Poems from the Central States   (Spring, 2012)
Liz Abrams-Morley, Jane Harrington Bach, Dorothy Brooks, Penny Hackett-Evans, Susan Mallory, Charlene Neely, Susan W. Peters, Nancy Paddock, Patti Capel Swartz, Judith Weir, M.J. Werthman White

Jill Breckenridge, Guest Editor    Poems from the Southern States   (Fall, 2009)
Nancy Calhoun, Margery Cunningham, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Jane Ellen Glasser, Rand (Silverbear) Hall, Joan Mazza, Merimee Moffitt, Margaret S. Mullins, Gail Peck, Diana Pinckney, Barbara Rockman, Sue Walker

Fleda Brown, Guest Editor    International Poets   (Fall, 2012)
Margo Berdeshevsky, Fleda Brown, Malinda Crispin, Eva Eliav, Mori Glaser, Chellis Glendinning, Lois Elaine Heckman, Venie Holmgren, Jo Milgrom, Lalita Noronha, Katharine O’Flynn, Althea Romeo-Mark, Barbara A Taylor

Fleda Brown    Ten Poems   (Fall, 2014)
Introduction: Wendy BarkerIntroduction to Fleda Brown’s Poetry

Marilyn Chin    Erudite Poet   (Fall, 2018)

Lucille Lang Day, Guest Editor Poetry from the Central States (Winter, 2017)
Mary Jo Balistreri, Judith Waller Carroll, Maria Crabtree, Lucille Lang Day, Janet Ruth Heller, Judy Johnson, Dawn McDuffie, Donna Pucciani, Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld, Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler, Ann Falwell Stanford, Judith Weir, Veronica Zuege

Alice Friman, Guest Editor    Poems from the Northeast Region   (Summer, 2013)
Annette Basalyga, Alice Casey, Jean-Marie J. Crocker, Christina Wos Donnelly, Penny Harter, Kathleen M. Kelley, Jacqueline Lapidus, Christine O’Connor, Paula Phipps, Sb Sobel

Alice Friman, Guest Editor    Central States Poets   (Winter, 2019)
Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Judith Waller Carroll, Wendy Cleveland, Jane Desmond, Gail Goepfert, Amy Haddad, Pam Kreis-Dunn, Sigi Leonhard, Dawn McDuffie, Donna Pucciani, Catherine Senne Wallace

Andrea Hollander, Guest Editor   North Central States Poetry  (Spring, 2010)
Maril Crabtree, Penny Hacket-Evans, Eve Hooker, Deena Linett, Nancy Paddock, Linda Robiner, Mary Kay Rummel, Elizabeth Schultz, Catherine Wallace, M.J. White

Lucille Clifton    Twelve Poems   (Winter, 2008)
Introduction: Toi DerricotteAbout Lucille Clifton

Martha Collins    Twelve Poems   (Spring, 2014)
Introduction: Wendy BarkerIntroduction to Martha Collins

Rita Dove   Twelve Poems   (Winter, 2012)
Introduction: Erika Meitner,  Introduction to Rita Dove

Toi Derricotte   Poems   (Fall, 2007)
Introduction: Madeline Tiger,  Introduction

Ali Friman   Eleven Poems   (Fall, 2015)
Introduction: Wendy Barker,  On the Poetry of Alice Friman

Joy Harjo   Twelve Poems   (Fall, 2013)
Introduction: Wendy Barker,  An Introduction To Joy Harjo

Linda Hogan   Nine Poems   (Fall, 2017)
Introduction: Peggy ShumakerIntroduction to Linda Hogan’s Poetry

Cynthia Huntington   The Holiday Suicides   (Spring, 2019)
Introduction: Cynthia HogueIntroduction to the Poetry of Cynthia Huntington

Tess Gallagher    Eleven Poems   (Summer, 2008)
Introduction: Alice Derry, Tess Gallagher: An Audacious Poet

Tess Gallagher Fourteen Poems from Is, Is Not (Fall, 2021)
Introduction by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor

Sandra M. Gilbert   Ten Poems   (Winter, 2010)
Introduction: Susan GubarIntroducing Sandra Gilbert’s Poetry

Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Guest Editor   West Coast Poetry   (Winter, 2014)
Donna L. Emerson, Christine Horner, Dallas Huth, Joanne Jagoda, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Dian Gillmar, Aurora M. Lewis, Carolyn Martin, Penny Perry, Judith Kelly Quaempts, Elizabeth Stoessl

Mary Gilliland, Guest Judge   Poetry from the East Coast   (Winter, 2022)
Introduction to Mary Gilliland by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Introduction to East Coast Poets, by Mary Gilliland, Guest Judge
Pamela Ahlen, Irene Apostoleris, Rachel Elion Baird, Regina Dilgen, Jan Freeman, Debra Kaufman, Sandra Kohler, Monifa Love, Janet MacFadyen, Kate Ravin, Harriet Shenkman, Pamela Wax

Lorrie Goldensohn, Guest Editor   West Coast Poetry   (Spring, 2009)
Anne Barrows, Ellen Bass, Gail Rudd Entrekin, Marcia Falk, Cooper Gallegos, Dorothy Gilbert,
Muriel Karr, Sally Allen McNall, Judith Montgomery

Marilyn Hacker    Ten Poems   (Summer, 2012)
Introduction: Alicia OstrikerMarilyn Hacker: Poetry of Anger and Love

Barbara Hamby    Ten Poems   (Fall, 2016)
Introduction: Wendy BarkerThe Razzle-Dazzle of Barbara Hamby

Patricia Spears Jones   The Poetry of Patricia Spears Jones   (Fall, 2019)
Introduction by Cynthia Hogue 

Carolyn Kizer   Poems   (Spring, 2008)
Introduction: Diana O’HehirCarolyn Kizer’s Poetry

Maxine Kumin   Poems   (Winter, 2007)
Introduction: Alicia Ostriker,  Maxine Kumin: An Introduction

Bonnie Lyons, Guest Editor   Poetry from the Western States   (Summer, 2016)
Carol Barrett, Brenda Bellinger, Joanne Brown, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Jeanie Greensfelder, Cynthia Hoffman, Tricia Knoll, Lori Levy, Eileen Malone, Catherine McGuire, Nancy L. Meyer, Nan Rush

Charlotte Mandel, Guest Editor   East Coast Poetry   (Winter, 2016)
Kathleen Corcoran, Darcy Cummings, Susan Deer Cloud, Laurel Ferejohn, Penny Harter, Adele Kenny, Claire Keyes, Charlotte Mandel, Susanna Rich, Helen Ruggieri, Marianne Schloss, Carole Stone, Davi Walters

Marilyn Nelson   Poems   (Spring, 2018)

Naomi Shihab Nye   Twelve Poems   (Winter, 2013)
Introduction: Wendy Barker,  An Introduction to Naomi Shihab Nye’s Poetry

Alicia Ostriker   Poems   (Summer, 2010)
Introduction: Wendy Barker, Penetrating Surfaces

Diana O’Hehir   Poems   (Summer, 2009)

Grace Paley   Poems   (Summer, 2007)
Introduction: E.M. Broner, My Pal Paley

Hilda Raz, Guest Editor   International Poets   (Summer, 2017)
Caroline Cottom, Meredith Escudier, Sharon Goodier, Lois Elaine Heckman, S.E. Ingraham, Ellen S. Jaffe, Kath Jonathan, Benita Kape, Sarah Thomson, Joanne Veiss-Zaken.

Kay Ryan   Sixteen Poems   (Summer, 2011)
Introduction: Chana Bloch, Kay Ryan’s Poems

Peggy Shumaker, Guest Editor  Poems from the Southern States   (Summer, 2014)
Judith Waller Carroll, Wendy White Cleveland, Jo Ann Steger Hoffman, Ann Neuser Lederer, Janet McCann, Elizabeth Oakes, Diana Pinckney, Elena Lelia Radulescu, Susan Shaw Sailer, Mary Kay Schoen, Bonnie Stanard, Peggy Shumaker, Memye Curtis Tucker, Alice Toporoff Wallace, Sarah Webb, Dede Wilson, Sally Zakariya

Peggy Shumaker  Ten Poems   (Spring, 2017)
Introduction: Wendy Barker On the Poems of Peggy Shumaker

Maurya Simon, Editor   East Coast Poetry   (Winter, 2018)
Pamela Ahlen, Henrietta Dahlstrom, Anne Harding Woodworth, Josephine Hausam, W.J. Herbert, Kathryn Kelly, Sandra Kohler, Susan Kress, Jacqueline Lapidus, Ethel Paquin, Deborah Pfeffer, Meredith Trede.

Patricia Smith   A Dozen Poems   (Spring, 2016)
Introduction: Wendy Barker, Introduction to Patricia Smith’s Poetry

Sue Standing   East Coast Poets   (Winter, 2020)
L.R. Berger, Paula Bonnell, Debra Cash, Barbara Daniels, Merrill Oliver Douglas, Kate Flaherty, Amy Gottlieb, JoAnn Hoffman, Claire Keyes, Jacqueline Lapidus, Ann Taylor, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Sue Standing.

Hannah Stein, Guest Editor   East Coast Poetry   (Spring, 2011)
Sasha Ettinger, Sandra Kohler, Janet Krauss, Diana Pinckney, Marjorie Norris, Susan Roche, Ada Jill Schneider, Dorothy Schiff Shannon, Carole Stone, Dale Tushman

Ruth Stone   Poems   (Spring, 2007)
Introduction: Sandra Gilbert, On Ruth Stone

Julie Suk, Guest Editor  Poetry from the Western States   (Fall, 2011)
Katy Brown, Margaret Chula, Joanne M. Clarkson, Gail Rudd Entrekin, Grace Marie Grafton, Taylor Graham, Kelley Jácquez, Meredith Kunsa, Penelope Scrambly Schott, Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Florence Weinberger, Pat Phillips West

Heather Thomas, Guest Editor  International Poets   (Summer, 2019)
Karen Alkalay-Gut, Patricia Díaz Bialet, Audrey Chin, Margaret Hollingsworth, Wendy Klein, Marianne Larsen, Marion Leeper, Krystyna Lenkowska, Althea Romeo Mark, Irina Mashinski, Diti Ronen, Susan Wismer

Laura Tohe   Eight Poems   (Fall, 2020)
My Soul Immense with the Millennia of Rocks and Stars: The Poetry of Laura Tohe
by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor

Eleanor Wilner   Nine Poems   (Spring, 2020)
Introduction: Cynthia Hogue, The Necessity of Witness: On the Poetry of Eleanor Wilner


No Immigrants, No Art   (Spring, 2018)

Greta Berman  Synesthesia: The Involuntary Joining of the Senses   (Spring, 2019)

Betty Blayton-Taylor  Spiritual Artist, Spirited Educator   (Summer, 2015)

Lorraine Bonner   Sculpture   (Fall, 2008)
Introduction: Yasmin Sayyed, Introduction to Lorraine Bonner

Isabelle de Borchgrave  Haute Couture de Papier   (Summer, 2014)

Rose Cabat  Touchie Feelies   (Fall, 2014)

Rose Cabat  Touchie Feelies Redux   (Winter, 2021)

Elizabeth Catlett  Recent Prints   (Fall, 2010)

Judy Chicago   Hands in Glass   (Spring, 2009)

Marion Coleman   African American History and Culture in Story Quilts   (Fall, 2017)

Jane Dickson   Revelers   (Spring, 2017)

Shirley Faktor  Paintings: The Cyclical Nature of Life   (Summer, 2011)

Patricia Tobacco Forrester   Eleven Watercolors   (Summer, 2010)

Sally Frank   Visual Memories   (Fall, 2016)

Suvan Geer   Shall Remain Nameless   (Winter, 2014)

Janet Goldner   Art and Life   (Summer, 2013)

Liliana Golubinsky   Playful in Buenos Aires   (Summer, 2020)

Grace Graupe-Pillard   Art as Dialectic   (Spring, 2021)
Introduction: Greta Berman, Art Editor, The Dialectical Art of Grace Graupe-Pillard

Howardena Pindell   An Intersectional Artist Before the Fact   (Summer, 2021)
Introduction: Greta Berman, Art Editor

Robin Gross   Photographing Passion   (Fall, 2015)

Guerrilla Girls   Art as Activism   (Spring, 2014)

Nancy Hagin   Sumptuous Realist   (Spring, 2015)

Ester Hernandez   A Visual Dialogue   (Spring, 2011)

Sheila Hicks     The Grande Dame of Textile Art   (Fall, 2012)

Nicole Hollander  Sylvia Cartoon Strips   (Winter, 2007)
Introduction: Judith Arcana, Laughing and Thinking at the Same Time

Yvonne Jacquette  Views from the Heavens   (Spring, 2016)
Introduction by Gena Raps

Women in Bronze (and Copper)   (Fall, 2020)
Introduction by Sue Leonard, Editor

Abbe Stahl Steinglass and Harriet W. Lesser  The Third Artist: Painting in Collaboration   (Winter, 2013)

Ellen K. Levy  Stealing Attention   (Spring, 2013)

Elaine Lorenz Seedpods: The Future?   (Winter, 2018)

Hung Liu  Then and Now: Paintings and Installations   (Winter, 2010)

Yolanda López   Women’s Work is Never Done   (Summer, 2009)

Melanie Manchot   Photography   (Spring, 2007)

Henrietta Mantooth   Paintings and Installations   (Winter, 2008)
Introduction: Mary Frank, A Risk-Taking Artist

Janice Mehlman   Photographs: Sensory Allusions and Intimate Truths   (Spring, 2020)

Valerie Mendelson   Painter   (Winter, 2020)

Rita Mendes-Flohr   Gorges From Within   (Summer, 2016)

Marybeth McKenzie   Contemporary Realism   (Winter, 2014)

Kate Missett   Canopic Jars   (Fall, 2018)

Irmari Nacht   Saved Books   (Summer, 2018)

Nobuho Nagasawa   Weaving     Light     Sound     Bodywaves   (Summer, 2016)

Mayumi Oda   Ten Images   (Summer, 2008)
Introduction: Lane Olson, Images of the Floating World

Alicia Ostriker   Poems from the Volcano and After: Selected and New Poems, 2002-2019   (Spring, 2021)
Introduction: Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor, Making Beauty Like That: On the Poetry of Alicia Ostriker

Judy Pfaff   Sculptural Paintings   (Winter, 2010)

Gail Postal   Fantasy Life   (Fall, 2013)

Faith Ringgold   Visual Art   (Summer, 2007)
Introduction: Moira Roth, About Faith Ringgold

Dorothea Rockburne   Geometry, Astronomy and Angels   (Summer, 2012)

Joan Roth   Photographs of Centenarians   (Spring, 2010)

Eleanor Rubin Dreams of Repair: A Decade of Images   (Winter, 2011-12)

Alison Saar Alison Saar Swings Low in Harlem: The Harriet Tubman Memorial   (Spring, 2017)

Joyce J. Scott   Beading for Her Life   (Winter, 2015)

Susan Schwalb   A Contemporary “Old Master”   (Fall, 2021)
Introduction by Greta Berman, Art Editor

Nilima Sheikh   Delectable Art for Every Day   (Summer, 2016)

Kathran Siegel   Carving a Life   (Summer, 2016)

Regina Silveira   Perspectives   (Spring, 2012)

Ellen Nathan Singer   Honoring Immigrants   (Spring, 2018)

Marcia Smilack   A Reflectionist   (Spring, 2019)

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith   Poetry in Painting   (Winter, 2016)

Mimi Smith   Being Female in Society   (Fall, 2015)

Joan Snyder   Paintings   (Spring, 2008)
Introduction: Cornelia Schulz, Contemplating the Work of Joan Snyder

Wilda Gerideau Squires   Photography as Abstract: Fourteen Images   (Fall, 2011)

Elise F. Stanley   Wildlife Glimpses   (Winter, 2019)

May Stevens   Paintings   (Fall, 2009)

Jenny Tango   Jenny Tango Is Still Painting Herself   (Summer, 2019)

Susan Unterberg   Behind the Mask   (Spring, 2013)

Kay WalkingStick   This Is Our Beloved Land   (Summer, 2016)

Ellen Wiener Book as Art, Art as Book (Winter, 2017)

Flo Oy Wong   Art Installations   (Fall, 2007)
Introduction: Melanie Herzog, On Voice and Memory

Nancy Worthington   Art, Play, and Politics   (Winter, 2022)
Introduction to Nancy Worthington, by Greta Berman, Art Editor

Millicent Young Sculptor (Fall, 2019)


Joy Krauthammer   Persimmon Drying   (Spring, 2012)

Short Takes

First Thing in the Morning   (Summer, 2010)
Helene Constant, Karen Dale, Joanne Eddy, Estelle Glass, Kathryn Jens, Georgia Post, Patricia Sullivan, Hilda Wales

Thrills   (Winter, 2010)
Marty Carlock, Lynne Davis, Constance Garcia-Barrio, Linda Gartz, Celia Miles, Natalie Safir, and Carol Walkner

Taking a Stand   (Summer, 2011)
Ingrid Briles, Maril Crabtree, Deborah Nedelman, Marti Watterman, Marianne Goldsmith, Mary Ellen Michna

The Next Step   (Winter, 2011-12)
Terri Watrous Berry, Jill Cook, Misha Herwin, Deborah Jordan, Martha Mendelsohn, Mary Kay Schoen, Margaret Miller Volpe, Linda A. Wright

Milestones   (Summer, 2012)
Sylvia Gutmann, Mary Izzo, Laura T. Jensen, Carolyn Litwin, Ruth Pike, Ann St James, Annita Sawyer

Sports   (Fall, 2012)
Nan Hilsinger, Ann Neuser Lederer, Carolyn Meagher, Lola Ready, Marjorie Sell Stewart, Ann St James

Gossip   (Winter, 2013)
Jo Barney, Joan Cappello, Beatrice G. Davis, Phyllis Douglas, Phyllis Jean Green, Pamela Manché Pearce, Lita E. Plopinio

Guilty Pleasures   (Spring, 2013)
Grace Babakhanian, Mary A. Berger, Rochelle Distelheim

Money   (Summer, 2013)
Penny Hackett-Evans, Priscilla Tilley, Madelyn F. Young, Ruth Codier Resch, Ann Batchelor Hursey, Robyn Marshall

Sex    (Fall, 2013)
Marilyn A. Gelman, Lynne Sparrow, Norma Smith, Jo Barney, Sb Sowbel, Lauren Shenfield, Hannah Louise Abbett, Carolyn Lee Arnold

Jewelry    (Winter, 2014)
Lois Baer Barr, Sunny Glessner, Ann Batchelor Hursey, Carolyn Meagher, Barbara Rockman

Prose [Activism]    (Spring, 2014)
Phyllis Berentsen, Joanna Mary Bressler, Michael angel Johnson, Karen Keltz, Barbara Milgrom Melrose, Niomi Rohn Phillips

Poetry [Activism]    (Spring, 2014)
Margo Berdeshevsky, Elizabeth J. Coleman, Jacqueline Kudler

Summer    (Summer, 2014)
Sue Ellis, Lisa Holzkenner, Debby Mayer, Glenda Munson, Lynne Sparrow

Still Working    (Fall, 2014)
Estelle Glass, Mary Martha Lappe, Ronna Magy, Elaine G. Schwartz

Social Media    (Winter, 2015)
Edith Lank, Judie Rae, Barbara Schramm, Priscilla Tilley, Elizabeth Zimmer

Boiling Points    (Spring, 2015)
Carla Fellers, Edith Lank, Nan Mick, Jean Zorn

Shoes    (Summer, 2015)
Juanita Kirton, Grace Mattern, Niomi Phillips, Norma S. Tucker. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

On Wheels    (Fall, 2015)
Kavanaugh, Ronna Magy, Debbie L. Miller, Beverly Offen. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Presents    (Winter, 2016)
Adina Sara, Linda Silver, Elaine Terranova, Elizabeth Van Zandt. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

A Birth Story    (Spring, 2016)
Annis Cassells, Bell Gale Chevigny, Diantha Hull, Robin Gross, C.S. Leonard, Rona Simmons. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Arts & Crafts    (Summer, 2016)
Mary Ann Cook, Sharon Frame Gay, Robin Gross, Emi Hattori, Susan Hecht, Lauren Katzowitz Shenfield, Dorothy Rice. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Politics    (Fall, 2016)
Sylvia Ramos Cruz, Sophia Kouidou-Giles, Pat Reuss, Anne Mollegen Smith. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Advice (Winter, 2017)
Sheila Grinell, Daniela Gioseffi, Robin Gross, Beth Mills. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Getting an Education (Spring, 2017)
Phyllis Douglas, Judy Hoyer, Judy S. Richardson, Lynne Sparrow. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

A Summer of Luscious Fruit (Summer, 2017)
Arlene Bosky, Mary Ann Cook, Judy Harding, Hilary Harper, Judy Hoyer, Joann Kielar, Merimee Moffitt, Dorty Nowak, Sylvia D. Saxon, Patti Swartz. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Time (Fall, 2017)
Adrianne Borgia, Wanda Burch, Nancy Gerber, Robin Gross, Mardith Louisell, Patricia Pomerleau, Priscilla Tilley, Judy Wells, Connie Zumpf. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Border Crossings (Spring, 2018)
Pat Carr, Audrey Chin, Denise David, Lakshmi Gill, Laurie Harriton, Laurie Jurs, Bernadine Lortis, Alice Marks, Lisa Saffron, Dolores Senchak, Norma S. Tucker. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

#Me Too/ Me, Too (Summer, 2018)
Susan B. Apel, Carolyn Banks, Beth Dwoskin, Laurie Kuntz, DS Levy, Lalita Noronha, Mary C. Rowin, Mary Ellen Talley. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

My Bag (Fall, 2018)
Rani Drew, Sue Fagalde Lick, Merimee Moffitt, Martina Reaves, Susan Strassburger, Norma S. Tucker, Ann Zimmerman. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu (Winter, 2019)
Pamela Ahlen, Maria Espinosa, Kate Flaherty, Mary Susan Gast, Robin Gross, Mimi Jennings, Connie Kallback, Adrienne Keller, Carrie Kinsey, Carol Nadell, Alice Simpson, Monique Stampleman, Judy Swann. Introduction by Jean Zorn.

Boiling Point (Spring, 2019)
Introduction by Jean Zorn.
Janet Banks, Berta Morgan, Vivienne Popperl, Miriam Reed, Rhett Watts

Life-Changing Moments (Summer, 2019)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Connie Bedgood, Mei Joan Chung-Guyll, Robin Dellabough, gaye gambell-peterson, Jan Haag, Joan Halperin, Pamela Hartmann, Aurora Lewis, Rosie Sugden, Mary Whetstone

Mourning (Fall, 2019)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Helen Beer, Bindy Bitterman, Denise L. David, Katharine Harer, Ann E. Hultberg, Peggy Landsman, Victoria Lewis, Janet Merritt, Maureen Teresa McCarthy, Kathleen Naureckas, Judie Rae, Kathleen Sampson, Karen Schauber, Kathy Steinemann, Gayle Ann Weinstein

Gift/ Giving (Winter, 2020)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Kim Burnett, Adele Glimm, Joan Halperin, Joan Kresich, Charlene Neely, Beverly Stock, Sue Won

When I Was 17… (Spring, 2020)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Lois Barr, Kathleen Canrinus, Dorothy Egan-Keating, Phyllis Ferguson, Babo Kamel, Shirley Muir, Jane P. Perry, Linda M. Scott, Edna Wallace, Ariela Zucker

Election Stories (Summer, 2020)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Becky Boling, Judith Emilie, Susan Emshwiller, Meredith Escudier, Diane Freedman, Leslie Neustadt, Joyce R. Ritchie, Paula Rudnick, Anne-Marie Sutton

Justice (Fall, 2020)
Introduction by Jean Zean
Frances Payne Adler, Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Liz Betz ,Jane Desmond, Joanne Kennedy Frazer, Susan Lundgren, Pit Pinegar, Janet Preus, Ellen K. Reichman, Vera Kewes Salter, Judy Wells, Ellen Woods

Random Acts of Kindness (Winter, 2021)
Christina Buckton, Judith Emilie, Cynthia Good, Elise Kazanjian, Rochelle Linick, Lalita Noronha, Mary Robertson, Sivakami Velliangiri, Ariela Zucker
Introduction by Jean Zorn
Music by Patti Casey

Light[s] at the End of the Tunnel (Spring, 2021)
Mary Ellen Capek, Cynthia Elder, Marjorie Hanft, Joanna Clapps Herman, Melissa Huff, Gurupreet K. Khalsa, Rita Salina Kiernan, Jacqueline Kudler, Angela Lombardo, Marilyn Mazur, Janet Preus, Susanna Rich, Paula Rudnick, JoAnn Sanderson, Deborah K. Shepherd, Ellen Woods
Art Work by Marjorie Hanft
Music by Carol Wincenc and Gena Raps
Introduction: So How Near the End of the Tunnel Are We? by Jean Zorn, Publisher

Heroes (Summer, 2021)
Introduction: Everyday Heroism by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Carol Biederman, Sharon J. Clark, Lynne Davis, Judith Emilie, Maryanne Hannan, Maggie Hill, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Clorisa Phillips, Ellen K. Reichman, Marcia Rutan, Judy Wells, Ann Weil
Art Work by Paula Schultz & by Elisabeth De Nitto
Music by Gena Raps & Carol Wincenc

Secrets (Fall, 2021)
Introduction: Secrets, Secrets, Secrets by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Paulette Benson, Rebecca Ballew Dockum, Karen L. George, Ronnie Hess, Ann Hultberg, Marilyn Johnston, Pat LaPointe, Kathleen McClung, Kathy Miller, Gloria g. Murray, Vera Kewes Salter,
JoAnn Sanderson, Roberta Schultz, Michele Sharpe, Susanne Singleton, Mary Gayle Thomas, Rosanne Trost, Gayle Ann Weinstein

Secrets (Winter, 2022)
Introduction: Family and Friends by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Sarah Barnett, Jane L. Becker, Marsha Blitzer, Ann Boaden, Paula Boyland, C. Morgan Flanders, Diane Gorman, Anke Hodenpijl, Lois Kiely, Barbara Krauss, D. L. Landi, Antonia Lewandowski, Susan Lundgren, Amy S. Melman, Dana C. Moriarty, Beth Rosen, Leah Schweitzer, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Carol Sutherland-Brown, Judy Wells
Illustrations by Marcella Peralta Simon
Music performed by Gena Raps and Carol Wincenc


Tania León, In Motion
Saluting Our Pulitzer Prize Winner, by Gena Raps, Music Editor

What We’re Reading

Short Reviews (Issue 2)
Sandy Boucher, Sandra Butler, Rosie Rosenzweig, Sandra Shwagner Sanchez, Ellen Siegelman

Short Reviews (Issue 3)
Judith Arcana, Anita Barrows, Marcia Freedman, and Jane Lazarre

Short Reviews (Issue 4)
Alice Herb, Martha Roth, Nan Fink Gefen

Short Reviews (Issue 5)
E.M. Broner, Judy Gumbo Albert

Editor’s Notes

Issue 2, Summer 2007, Nan Gefen

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Issue 36, Winter 2016, Sue Leonard

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Issue 40, Winter, 2017: “Happy and Comfortable” Is a Horrible Myth, Christine Stewart, Jean Zorn

Issue 41, Spring 2017, Sue Leonard

Issue 42, Summer 2017, Sue Leonard

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Issue 44, Winter 2018, Sue Leonard

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Issue 46, Summer 2018, Sue Leonard

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Issue 48, Winter 2019, Sue Leonard

Issue 49, Spring 2019, Sue Leonard

Issue 50, Summer 2019, Sue Leonard

Issue 51, Fall 2019, “Knowing Toni Morrison” Sue Leonard

Issue 52, Winter 2020, “Gloria Says…” Sue Leonard

Issue 53, Spring 2020, “Variety” Sue Leonard

Issue 54, Summer 2020, “Enough!” Sue Leonard

Issue 55, Fall 2020, “Turn it All Around” Sue Leonard

Issue 56, Winter 2021, “Seriously” Sue Leonard

Issue 57, Spring 2021, “Heroics” Sue Leonard

Issue 58, Summer 2021, “Opening Up” Sue Leonard

Issue 59, Fall 2021, “Shutting Down” Sue Leonard

Issue 60, Winter 2022, “What’s Next?” Sue Leonard

Issue 61, Spring 2022, “Wrapping It All Up” Sue Leonard


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