By Amy Miller

Annie is a recluse who has forsaken any hope of finding true connection. When she becomes lost in an unfamiliar forest, she must learn to develop the tools to stay alive.

Amid the harsh wilderness of the sometimes mysterious elements in the woods, she discovers a fresh awareness of her own authentic life and spirit and embraces the chance to clear the slate and begin again. As she settles into her new life, a man enters her domain — a loner, too, who presents an intrigue Annie cannot ignore. Separated from the normal conventions of the world, the pair initiate a friendship, striving for full honesty and trust. When one of them considers an essential change, what will happen to the relationship?

Heartprint offers a new paradigm for a different kind of intimacy – and asks whether and how that might endure in the real world.

A richly imagined literary exploration of life and love.

— Kirkus Review


An original female voice, one that will help readers to rediscover the unique identity of their own heartprint. I couldn’t put it down.

— Eric Booth, The Everyday Work of Art


This book transforms a woman’s inner world into a compelling, elemental landscape that becomes spell-binding for the reader.

— Tricia Tunstall, Changing Lives


Pulled into Annie’s psychology and the weird and wonderful sense of place in the woods, I was given moments of insight, the kind I live for as a reader.

— Vestal McIntyre, Lake Overturn


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