Justifying the Means
By Jo Allison Andrews


For over three decades, reporter Penny Dickenson has set her sights on and beaten the worst and wiliest Philadelphia has to offer.  When a killer proclaims he has committed The Perfect Murder, she knows bringing him to justice is just what she needs to lose a first-ever touch of lethargy.  When a reclusive billionaire storms the News Building to reach Penny, and she realizes his daughter is the victim, she also realizes what he wants is not justice, but hot and swift revenge. Soon there is victim number two, and Penny finds herself in the brash, self-assured killer’s taunting sights. More determined than ever to bring him down, Penny learns of her own internal killer, brain cancer. With very little time left to live, and feeling surging effects of the disease, she at last knows she will do anything at all to bring her external nemesis to justice, or to the grieving father.

Interesting story that takes you into the mind of a compulsive killer and into the thoughts of the people who want to stop him.

—  J. Neumann


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