Modern Women: 21st Century Dance, A Coloring Book
by Julie Lemberger, edited by Elizabeth Zimmer


Women, the largest and yet the most unrecognized population of the dance arts community, are spotlighted in renowned dance photographer Julie Lemberger’s Modern Women: 21st Century Dance, a coloring book. Using her more than two decades of dance images, Lemberger transformed them into illustrations almost ready to color and then added psychedelic, floral, and abstract backgrounds for the figures “to dance in.”

Featured are today’s leading dance innovators and interpreters, celebrating their diverse genres and perspectives. More than 60 women participated in the 92-page volume, including Wendy Whelan, Annie-B Parson, Merian Soto, Eiko Otake, Francesca Harper, Jinju Song-Begin, Pam Tanowitz, Andrea Miller, and many more. Additionally, read about these women’s accomplishments with their quotes, biographies, and a glossary of 21st-century dance terms.

Dance Magazine’s Lisa Traiger wrote:

“Get out the crayons, markers or colored pencils. Modern Women: 21st-Century Dance, feels like the antidote to a COVID-19 winter. Created by Brooklyn-based dance photographer Julie Lemberger, the book pays tribute to this generation of powerful and creative women dancers.”

Modern Women: 21st Century Dance is a perfect holiday gift for children of all ages, including grandparents and their grandchildren, especially those who love women, dance, and art!

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