My Runaway Hourglass
By Joanne Jagoda

Joanne Jagoda of Oakland California, grandmother of seven, used the shelter-in-place weeks to put together a book of seventy of her best poems, My Runaway Hourglass, Seventy Poems Celebrating Seventy Years. Joanne writing journey began when she retired in 2009 and started taking classes and workshops exploring the world of creative writing. She has widely published her poetry, short stories and creative non fiction.

It was during these crazy weeks of the pandemic, as the world turned upside down, that she was hit with a sense of urgency to put together her book. She knew first-hand from recent health issues she and her husband weathered, that life can be fragile and uncertain while time keeps flowing like sand in a runaway hourglass.

Her book is compelling and different than most poetry books. Many readers have reported they could not put it down and stayed up all night reading it. You will laugh and cry with Joanne.

Joanne Jagoda’s poetry gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own lives by opening the doors to hers. Soul-crushing and breath-halting, but uplifting and life-affirming.

— Matt Potter, publisher, of Pure Slush and Truth Serum Press


Joanne Jagoda takes us on a journey through many different stages of her life and we become addicted to her highly readable poetry. It feels like she is sitting right next to us, telling us stories of beauty and fearlessness, sadness and courage and, always, with unflinching honesty.

— Linda Schreyer, Author and Writing Teacher


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