Over 50’s Singles Night
by Ellyn Bache
Madcap Award for Romantic Comedy

In this lighthearted novel, 62-year-old BJ is enjoying a successful career, a nice house, and a pleasant life… until her younger sister, Iris, moves in with her.

At 55. Iris is the recent widow of a philanderer – attractive (thanks partly to skillful plastic surgery), sweet, helpful — and so comfortable that BJ fears she’ll never move out.

So BJ starts an Over 50’s Singles Night to help find her a new husband. But when only a few elderly ladies and one gay man show up, BJ has to regroup. She introduces Iris to a retired neighbor. They dislike each other at once — though the neighbor likes BJ quite a bit.

Then Iris reveals a long-held secret that keeps the sisters avoiding each other for weeks. Will they ever make up? Will sisterly love prevail? Romantic love? Will Over 50’s Singles Night be a failure — or more powerful than anyone thought?

Ellyn Bache is the award-winning author of nine novels, including Safe Passage, which was made into a movie starring Susan Sarandon.


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