Plague Take It
A Covid Almanac By And About Elders
by Jon Peirce and Ann McMillan


The COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in so much pain, suffering, and sadness around the world, has nonetheless proven to be an extraordinarily rich source of material for writers. This collection of works by and about elders contains something for readers of all ages and of almost every conceivable literary taste. A majority of the book’s contributors are women. Here you will find poems (including a performance poem), short stories, plays, memoirs, and essays. You will find works written in French as well as in English, and you will find works written by Americans as well as by Canadians. And you will experience the full gamut of moods, from despondency to defiance, and from stoic acceptance to sly cynicism. As you read, you will almost certainly shed a few tears. But you will also laugh out loud more than once, and experience moments of sheer awe at the insight and inspiration provided by our more than 50 authors. Here is a COVID collection unlike any other, a book to keep on your shelves and treasure for years after the pandemic is finally over.

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