Photo by Robin Gross

“Just fabulous!!!! Love the activism of this magazine!!!! Perfect timing!!!!!”

— Justice Kelly, September 2020


“Thank you so much. It is a significant and attractive issue.”

— Vera Salter, September 2020


“I love the picture you found. Thanks! The whole issue looks beautiful. What a lot of work!

Thanks for all you do for everyone.”

— Meloda Mansfield, September 2020


“These poets have taken the images from their past, my past and your past, tossed them out into the world where they whirled and danced into my heart giving me breath to go into the future unknown as it is.”

— Charlene Neely, June 2020


“I loved being a part of this issue of Persimmon Tree. Thanks to you and the editors for publishing my piece—’No Mistake at All.’

This is a trying time and escaping into a world of words is balm for the soul.
I love sharing Persimmon Tree with others.

Thank you.”

— Edna Wallace, April 2020


“How I love reading each fresh new issue!”

— Gail Gilliland, Fall 2019


“Such a good look at women poets outside the U.S. Persimmon Tree gives what no other women’s lit/poetry gives.”

— Jane D. Choate, Summer 2019


“I am honored that my work is published in such a fine publication. The work of my sister authors is relevant, entertaining and thought provoking. I am going to dedicate today to savoring the pleasure of being published in Persimmon Tree. Thank you again.”

— Berta Morgan, Spring 2019


“I feel honored to be invited into such a fine coterie of women artists. In the car today, I compared it to ‘Queen for the Day’ – it really is that exciting and of course far more meaningful.”
— Marcia Smilack, Spring 2019


“Thank you for this exciting news! And thank you too for all the work you put in to make Persimmon Tree the wonderful resource for all of its readers that it is.”
— Jane Desmond, Fall 2018


“I’m so proud to be in your pages. Congratulations on a beautiful publication.”
— Rita Ariyoshi, author, Summer 2018


“I loved reading all of these. Thank you Sue Leonard for publishing this journal, for the opportunity to hear our ‘elder’ voices and thank you Chris, for you careful curation.”
— Suzanne Edison, poet, Summer 2018


“Thank you for very much for accepting it – I’m honored and thrilled to have it appear in such a prestigious journal.”
— Debra Levy, Summer 2018


“Thank you. Persimmon Tree is one of my favorite journals. You have published my work before, and I’m happy to be in your beautiful journal again.”
— Lalita Noronha, Summer 2018


“Your immigration issue was spectacular!….so wonderfully to the point…many points…”
— Ruth Resch, Summer 2018


“I just opened the new issue of Persimmon Tree (have read some of the pieces–they are gorgeous and heartbreaking as well) and saw that the Write Well Awards are noted. I just want to thank you again and everyone at Persimmon Tree for both publishing my story ‘A Bad Day….’ and for submitting it for the Write Well Awards. I have been so encouraged that I’m working hard on editing the other stories and at getting the final story written.”
— Joan (Leibovitz) Newburger, Spring 2018


“Thank you for considering my work and for creating such an inspiring and enjoyable journal.”
— Lisa Saffron, a potential contributor to an upcoming issue


“It is a wonderful issue and I am so pleased to be in it.
I applaud all your efforts to produce such a quality publication.
Thanks again.”
— Josephine Hausam, one of our Winter 2018 issue poets


“Beautiful, brilliant issue! It’s a moveable feast. Many congrats!”
— Maurya Simon, our poetry editor in the Winter 2018 issue


“Thank you for a wonderful site; I can always find something on it that brings pleasure, tugs a bit, makes me think.”
— Judie Rae, December 2017


“Wish I’d been reading & following Persimmon Tree much sooner!”
— Marlene B Samuels, November 2017


“An essential, elegant, energetic voice so often ignored & unheard … BRAVA & THANKS for Persimmon Tree!”
— Ls Bassen, March 2017