Persimmon Tree is pleased to introduce noted Brazilian artist Regina Silveira to our readers. We honor her in this issue for the innovative work she has done over more than thirty years.

Regina Silveira investigates the ways in which reality is represented. She employs various methods of projecting perspectives, reworking and deconstructing them to produce images such as shadows without a solid base or shadows that contradict their base. She also uses traces and imprints to convey her understanding of presence and absence. Her transformation of architectural buildings and the space within is both whimsical and profound. As we look at these paradoxical images, we, the viewers, are led to experience reality not as a fixed entity but as one with countless possibilities.


Abyssal, 2010
Adhesive vinyl, painted walls and light filters


A Lição, 2002
Wood, vinyl and paint


Observatório, 2006
Print on adhesive vynil (ceiling), wood and light box


Claraluz, Lumen, 2003
Projected image


Desaparência, 1997
Adhesive vinyl


A Thousand and One Days, 2007
Projection, wood and paint


Ex Orbis, 2001
Overglaze over ceramics


Irruption, 2005/2009
Light projection


Paradoxo do Santo, 1994
Adhesive vinyl and sculpture


Lumen (Quimera), 2005
Two backlights


Mundus Admirabilis, 2009
Adhesive vinyl


Irruption, 2005
Adhesive vinyl

Rerum Naturae with Mundus Admirabilis, 2010
Glazed porcelain, embroidered linen, adhesive vinyl, wood and steel table

Click below to see a short video about one of Regina Silveira’s masterpieces.


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