Spring 2018

Immigration: Flight

Gail B. Frank, Wreckage of the Human Heart

Chellis Glendinning, How to Cross the Border

Immigration: Resettlement

Cynthia Inman Graham, Xoyatla is a Proper Noun

Niomi Rohn Phillips, An American Dream

Judy S. Richardson, Working With Refugees

Immigration: Regrets

Maria Espinosa, Catalina Mi Amor

Marie Anderson, The Liberation of Heavenly Bodies

Art and Immigrants

Ellen Nathan Singer, Honoring Immigrants

No Immigrants, No Art


Poems by Marilyn Nelson.

Short Takes

Crossing Borders
Pat Carr, Audrey Chin, Denise David, Lakshmi Gill, Laurie Harriton, Laurie Jurs, Bernadine Lortis, Alice Marks, Lisa Saffron, Dolores Senchak, Norma S. Tucker
Introduction by Jean Zorn.