Janice Mehlman Photographs: Sensory Allusions and Intimate Truths

Janice Mehlman’s art is photography; her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in England, Italy, and Colombia as well as in many cities in the United States. Her images can be found in books on the history of photography. Mehlman is a Professor of Photography in the City University of New York and also runs a summer photography workshop in Tuscany. She divides her time between Pietrasanta, Italy, and Brooklyn, New York, living and working in both places.


As you will see, she describes her work perfectly: “Throughout my career as a professional photographer, I have consistently made images that deal with light and shadow, abstraction, mystery, and illusion. Using a variety of camera angles to affect perception and plane, I create complex, abstract spatial arrangements from architecture, objects, fabric, and paper. … I always begin by photographing existing, real objects or architecture. My angle of approach, my lighting of the subject, and my knowledge of composition all contribute to the transformation of these real spaces, into abstractions of a philosophical dimension. … In my more recent explorations, the elements are enhanced by color, with intense dark blacks and white light emerging from deeper spaces beyond. There is a more powerful psychological aspect to these newer works, adding sensuality, tension, and mystery. The finished exhibition prints have a finely wrought delicacy.”

If you have as good a time looking at her work as I have, you can see more of her work, career and workshops on the website: www.janicemehlman.org


{The images are printed on water colour paper with archival pigment inks, and are in limited editions. Most are approximately 40″ x 28″.}


Veiled Emotions

Go With the Flow


The Art Of Seduction


Nothing but Illusions


Camouflaged Emotions

Fired Up

Inner Wisdom

Inner Sanctum


24 Comments on “Janice Mehlman Photographs: Sensory Allusions and Intimate Truths

  1. Janice: These photos are Seductive. Love the compelling high octane color harmonies which tantalize and tease as they marry and enhance compositional forces. Truly beautiful work, Brava !

  2. Janice: Your vibrant dream world colors truly brighten another long ” locked down ” day. Un abbraccio Gemma

  3. Janice your works reflect the generosity, sensuality and power of your great energy. You have a magic eye, thank you thank you thank you !!! to share it with us.

  4. The colors jump right out at you…green red white blue black create a vibrant atmosphere that lures you into her world

  5. Dear Janice….Your work is quite beautiful and wonderfully conceived – sensual, luminous, and exquisitely designed. Brava! Warmest regards to you and Ron….stay safe!!

  6. You can’t be over sixty!! You must have a portrait that is getting older!! Glad you guys are home safe.

  7. Janice’s wonderful Sensory Allusions and Intimate Truths are sharply displayed in her most
    “Inner Sanctum.”

  8. Beautiful seductive images. Would like to know more about the actual surface and arrangements of the images before the photographs are taken.

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