Stone Gathering: A Reader

Stone Gathering: A Reader is a mixed-genre, print anthology of hand-selected, previously published short writings intended for a wide readership. It is issued five times annually by Danielle Dufy Literary under the imprint French Press Editions (“portable, affordable, collectible, literature”).

Our mission is to get more short literature that matters into the hands of as many readers as possible through these beautiful but modestly priced quarterly anthologies. Each collects the work of 20-25 accomplished, inviting writers such as Naomi Shihab Nye, William Stafford, Kathy Fish, Lucille Clifton, Ross Gay, Brian Doyle, Danusha Laméris, Marjorie Saiser, Wendell Berry, Bao Phi, Abigail Thomas, Jane Brox, Molly Fisk, and more—writers you know and writers you’ll be glad to know.

Now in its second year, Stone Gathering has struck a strong chord with a wide readership. Contributors and readers have called it “a lovely, well-curated collection” “brimming with substantial wonders,” “a beautiful garden, with the gate wide open,” “a pocket-sized life raft,” and “a secular missal for our times.” If you like books you can fall back on; if you appreciate the way a line of poetry, a strong idea, a meaningful story can shore you up (or call you out!); if you like to hold beautiful, powerful words in your heart, or carry them in your pocket, or sometimes let them stir you to action, this book, this collectible series, is for you. Won’t you join our community of readers?

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