Summer 2018

Summering with Persimmons

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Editor Sue Leonard
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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan

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(Episode #122)


Ann Zimmerman, Time Enough

Carol Nadell, In His Own Time


Nancy Bourne, Fading

Jacqueline Doyle, Charlotte’s Puzzle

Rita Ariyoshi, The First Kiss


Ruth Resch, Requiem for My Beloved

Mel Pitts, God Nodded

Immigration: What They Brought, What They Left Behind

Mary Jane (MJ) Roberts, Apple Strudel

Lenore Pimental, Small Mercies

Margie Patlak, Matriarchs and Monarchs

Daniele Gioseffi, An American Dream


West Coast Poets
Kathleen Joy Anderson, Marri Champié, Linda Conroy, Ginger Dehlinger, Suzanne Edison, Gail Entrekin, Susan Landgraf, Joan Moritz, Penelope Scambly Schott, Judith Skillman, Stephanie Striffler. Selected by Christianne Balk.


Irmari Nacht, Saved Books.

Short Takes

#Me Too/ Me, Too
Susan B. Apel, Carolyn Banks, Beth Dwoskin, Laurie Kuntz, DS Levy, Lalita Noronha, Mary C. Rowin, Mary Ellen Talley. Introduction by Jean Zorn.