Playful in Buenos Aires


Alicia en el pais de las maravillas
Alice in Wonderland
130 x 130 cm acrilico sobre tela


An Introduction to the
Work of Liliana Golubinsky


Liliana Golubinsky uses paint, pastel, collage, and black and white imagery to tell stories about politics, love, brutality, childhood, loss – the human drama. Her style is reminiscent of the cartoon-like characters of Philip Guston and Jean Dubuffet. The canvases are brimming with soldiers, toys, lovers, and even buildings blowing apart. The whimsy and animation swirl off the page. The ironic depiction of adult subjects in these alienated beings are represented in incongruent micro-stories softened by being presented as fables and dreams from childhood.


But first, Liliana Golubinsky takes us on a tour of her studio, describing some of her work (like blue cups that are acrylic and pastel on linen), showing work from another year (work that is pastel on canvas), and the studio itself. She points out that like many, her workshop is chaotic.




And Now, Let’s Play…



Bicentenario, Mirando la historia con ojos de niña
Bicentennial: Looking at history with the eyes of a girl
pastel sobre lino 170 x 170 cm



Queres que te cuente un cuento
Do you want me to tell you…
120 x 120 cm Carbonilla sobre tela



Se les ubieron los humos a la cabeza
Becoming stuck up…
120 x 120 cm carbonilla sobre tela



Existir TM sobre
Left Over…
Lino azul 140 x 140 cm



Cuidado, Me Haces ver las estrellas
Be careful, you make me see…
tecnica mixta sobre tela, 150 x 200 cm



El procer tambalea
The Hero Wobbles…
100 x 100 cm tecnica mixta sobre tela



Quien liego Primera
Who got there first…
100 x 100 cm



El miedo
The Fright…
Tec Mix sobre lino 175 x 200cm



El juego de los errores
I play…
120 x 120 tec mix sobre llino



El juego de los personajes
The Game…
30x30cm, marcador s tela



Con Toda el alma
With all my soul…
tecnica mixta , 178 x 200 cm



Liliana Golubinsky was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 9, 1954. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts Augusto Bolognini and the Fine Arts School of Prilidiano Pueyrredon until 1978. She subsequently studied at the studio of Miguel Davila. Golubinsky has received more than forty prizes at the national and international level such as the Cecelia Grierson Award of the National Painting Salon and the first prize of the Acquisition Landscape Timoteo, Navarro Hall. She has had many one-person and group shows in galleries, museums, and institutions, both in Argentina and abroad. She is represented by the Rubbers Gallery in Buenos Aires.

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  1. An excellent work, she is an artist that I have followed for years and she always amazes me with the quality of her drawing and color management

  2. I first saw her work at Rubbers in Buenos Aires a decade ago, was very taken and bought one – high esthetic value while being lots of fun

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