The Beach, by Marcella Peralta Simon
mixed media (paprika, turmeric, instant coffee, and oil pastel on a ripped and crinkled page)


Summer 2023

From the Editor

What Stays Written by Margaret E. Wagner


Ann Minnett, A Temporary Guest

Maureen Hossbacher, The View from Beach Plum Drive

Lyn Westbrook, Empty Glass

Anne Hotta, The Visitor

Diane Payne, Old School

Kathryn D. Temple, 5D


Véronique Béquin, Flight

Eileen Finley, Something New

Rita Jane Gabbett, Gorilla 13

Crystal W. Pillifant, A Dud Isn’t Always a Dud

Susan Hodara, Paul on the Floor in the Dark

Tina Barr, The Turtleneck

Winners’ Circle

Nonfiction and poetry from the winners of Persimmon Tree‘s 2022 Fundraising drawing.

Judy Collinson, Gratitude, Nonfiction

Ann Stanford, She Flew, Nonfiction

Honey Rand, On the Death of a Friend, Nonfiction

Susan Carlson, Two Poems

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Guest Column

Traveling with My Inner Child by Mary-Lou Weisman, Guest Columnist


“Turning Myself Loose with the Language”: Introducing Guest Poetry Editor Pit Pinegar
by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor

Introduction to International Poetry
by Pit Pinegar, Guest Poetry Editor


Introduction to Guest Editor Martha Kennedy
by Greta Berman, Art Editor

“Working Woman”: Barbara Dale, Cartoonist and Fine Artist
by Martha H. Kennedy, Guest Art Editor


Our Guest Editor’s Music Picks
by Joan Behrens-Berman, Guest Music Editor

Short Takes

Verbal Lightning
Introduction by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose and Poetry by Sally Mansfield Abbott, Doris B. Ash, Sarah Barnett, Denise Beck-Clark, Barbara Collentine, Florencia Cortés-Conde, Patricia Fuschetti, Melinda Goodman, Anara Guard, Pamela Hertzog, Lorraine Jeffery, Wendy Freedman Katkin, Pam Kress-Dunn, Gail Mackenzie-Smith, Vaughn Neeld, Melanie Perish, Joanna Richey, Judith Ross, Victoria Lynn Smith, Mary Gayle Thomas, Pat Tyrer

Persimmon Tree Forum

Censorship and Book Banning
Our Readers Comment


Illustrations by Helen Bar-Lev, Sally Buffington, Lynn B. Connor, Judith Fox-Goldstein, Natalie Levy, Sandy Morris, Eleanor Rubin, Marcella Peralta Simon, Merry Song, Kathy Taylor, Marilyn Whitehorse, windflower

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Issue 67, Summer 2023