The Bewildered Patient’s Whole-Body Health Guide
By J.A.V. Simson
Here’s to Your Health!
For a long and joyful lifetime


Stay well and healthy for a long and joyful lifetime! The Bewildered Patient’s Whole-Body Health Guide is a highly informative, well-illustrated guide to the only body you’ll ever have. Learn how that body works and how to keep it healthy!

The author taught medical students and other healthcare personnel for over three decades. She spent eight years writing and polishing this book, consulting with non-medical authors, to offer a readable text that can help lay-people understand the human body—how it works and what may go wrong. The medical consultant was Dr. Susan Reynolds, an award-winning physician.

Three main sections include an overview of basic biology; an in-depth look at the body’s systems—from skin to reproductive organs, and a guide to interacting with physicians. As abonus, there is a 50-page glossary that defines common medical terms in everyday language.

The Bewildered Patient’s Whole-Body Health Guide will help you understand how to take good care of yourself while you’re well, and it will help you communicate with physicians if you become ill.

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