Trees and Other Witnesses
by Kathy Taylor

“I don’t have words strong enough to convey the depth of feeling these stories aroused in me. Painful, poignant, wistful, evocative, hopeful, sensual, tragic . . . real. Simply stunning.”

—Laurel McHargue

Trees are silent witnesses to the passing of time, guardians of myth and memory, metaphors of life.

About the book:

Each of the thirteen stories in this collection has a tree of particular importance to its characters and their communities. These are tales of childhood and imagination, of migration and struggle, conflict and change. They are about specific places in Mexico, Nicaragua, and the U.S., and real and imagined sites of cultural encounter, growth and adaptation.

“After I finished reading Kathy Taylor’s “Trees and Other Witnesses” I felt like I was leaving behind a dear friend, one I was not yet ready to say goodbye to.”

—Claire Ibarra

“From the opening page, I was drawn into these stories by Taylor’s poetic and meditative voice.”

—Marzenna Jankowiak

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