Wednesdays with Winston
A Collection of Essays and Poems
By The Grant Street Writers

From the diverse voices of artists, a musician, therapists, corporate and career women and caregivers come universal stories of self-discovery, friendship, childhood, betrayal, trauma and loss. These women use inspiring memoir to speak their truths.

A delightful read.… In short bursts each writer offers her very personal experiences and insights with concise and heart-felt accounts. Each reflects a command of unique and well-crafted language offering such subjects and life-changing episodes as debilitating health; childhood memories; marriage; sexual abuse and challenges of faith.…

— Gerald T. Rogers, documentary filmmaker


I do a pretty good job of passing for normal. — Susan E. Cohen
The day I almost died was one of sublime winter beauty. — Marie Davidson
I kindly stopped for Emily Dickinson In her house upon the hill. — Catherine Davis
There are now no longer any secrets between the lady and me. — Ann Fiegen
The wait was nerve-wracking because I was in dire fear of being discovered. — Trudi Goodman
Someone once asked me what I would wish if a genie offered to change my appearance. — Fumiko Tokunaga Jensen
Each fallen leaf a reminder of someone loved, now lost. — Susan Lyon
I clung to passing truths from low hanging pearls of wisdom. — Judy SooHoo
I remember how Finnie’s whole body fit between my palm and my elbow. — Ruth Sterlin
Over the years, while the house passed from family to family, he was a constant. — Anne Haack Sullivan

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