Winter 2012

Pile of Persimmons by Jana Bouc

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Editor Sue Leonard
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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan

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(Episode #122)


The Long View
Joan Diamond

Cabbage Roses
Kathryn Nasuti

Bless the Child
Lenora Salvucci


Becoming a Woman Priest
Lyn G. Brakeman

A Woman’s Got to Do
Lee Haas Norris


Introduction to Rita Dove
Erika Meitner

Twelve Poems
Rita Dove


Dreams of Repair: A Decade of Images
Eleanor Rubin

Short Takes

The Next Step
Terri Watrous Berry, Jill Cook, Misha Herwin, Deborah Jordan, Martha Mendelsohn, Mary Kay Schoen, Margaret Miller Volpe, Linda A. Wright