Six Persimmons is a 13th-century Chinese painting by the monk Muqi Fachang.

Winter 2022


Mary Beth O’Connor, House Guests

Keltie Zubko, More than Twelve

Debra Kennedy, The Marriage of True Minds


Leslie Clark, Snake Rain

Gail Arnoff, In Another Closet

Leanne Phillips, Growing an Avocado Tree from Seed

Joan Potter, Turning Elderly


Opal Palmer Adisa, My Mother Taught Herself to Drive


Donna Weng Friedman: Stories from the Piano
Interview by Gena Raps, Music Editor


Poetry from the East Coast
Introduction to Mary Gilliland by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Introduction to East Coast Poets, by Mary Gilliland, Guest Judge
Pamela Ahlen, Irene Apostoleris, Rachel Elion Baird, Regina Dilgen, Jan Freeman, Debra Kaufman, Sandra Kohler, Monifa Love, Janet MacFadyen, Kate Ravin, Harriet Shenkman, Pamela Wax


Nancy Worthington: Art, Play, and Politics
Introduction to Nancy Worthington, by Greta Berman, Art Editor

Short Takes

Introduction by Jean Zorn, Publisher
Sarah Barnett, Jane L. Becker, Marsha Blitzer, Ann Boaden, Paula Boyland, C. Morgan Flanders, Diane Gorman, Anke Hodenpijl, Lois Kiely, Barbara Krauss, D. L. Landi, Antonia Lewandowski, Susan Lundgren, Amy S. Melman, Dana C. Moriarty, Beth Rosen, Leah Schweitzer, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Carol Sutherland-Brown, Judy Wells
Illustrations by Marcella Peralta Simon
Music performed by Gena Raps and Carol Wincenc

From the Editor

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Illustrations in this issue by Elsa Lichman, Judith Peck, Paula Schultz,
Marcella Simon, Julia C. Spring, Cynthia Yatchman
Issue 60, Winter 2022