From the Editor


Winter 2021/2022
Dear Readers,
I have read many hundreds of submissions from all over the world since I took over the Editorship of Persimmon Tree from Nan Gefen in 2012. Some of the pieces (like Leslie Clark’s in this issue) have educated me; some have inspired me to try new things (see Mary Beth O’Connor); many have made me smile, even laugh out loud (as did Susan Lundgren and Judy Wells). Then there is sadness as you have written about love and loss.

Recently, as these topics cropped up again and again, my perspective has shifted. Literally. Where I used to identify with the daughters and sisters and wives who were grappling with aging friends and relatives, my feelings have crossed to the other side of the room. I found myself looking at the givers of love and care with different eyes, often identifying more with those they cared for. Realizing this was a surprise, but also useful.

As Joan Potter, in her piece, “Turning Elderly” says, I have gone from “the acceptable seventies to the unbelievable eighties.” I find that month after month, week after week, I have less and less energy. I know I will need to cut back somewhere and am trying to figure out where and when. These decisions will not be easy.
Happy New Year,
Sue Leonard