Winter 2023/2024

From the Editor

“Let no charitable hope…” by Margaret E. Wagner


Deborah-Zenha Adams, Trail Prophecy

Rita Mendes-Flohr, Swim for the Dark Spots

Felice Rhiannon, The Candelabra

Rosalind Brackenbury, We Were Here

Julie Hébert, Picking Cherry Tomatoes in the Apocalypse

Elizabeth Cohen, Flammable

Sue Fagalde Lick, Tuna Noodle Casserole

Paula Brown, Because Heaven


Jann Everard, The Neighbor Boy

Jill J. Morin, All That I Carry

Yvette Viets Flaten, Making Change

Linda Jane, Anna

Jane Manaster, Intentions

Linda Mary Guyette, The Long Way Around

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Poets of the Eastern States
The Bee in the Center of a Zinnia: On the Poetry of Jody Stewart by Cynthia Hogue, Poetry Editor
Poets and Courage: Poetry from the Eastern United States by Jody Stewart, Guest Poetry Editor
Poetry by Rachel R. Baum, Jan Freeman, Jane Ann Fuller, Janlori Goldman, Beth Kanell, Joan Larkin, Donna Kennedy Maccherone, Janet MacFadyen, Jennifer Martelli, Mary Cuffe Perez, Celeste Pflister, Rosetta Radtke, Elaine Terranova, Yvonne, Rhett Watts
Photographs by Mary Lou Reker

Dare I Call You Cousin (Revisit from Spring 2022)
Poetry by Frances Payne Adler
Photographs by Michael Fattal
Videos by Yossi Yacov


Jae Jarrell: Revolutionary Fashion Designer
by Greta Berman, Art Editor


One of a Kind: Harpist Nancy Allen
Introduction and Interview by Gena Raps, Music Editor

Short Takes

What I Like/What I Dislike
Introduction: Susan Sontag’s List, Jean Zorn, Publisher
Prose and Poetry by Denise Beck-Clark, Alice Benson, Annis Cassells, Sheree Stewart Combs, Lynn B. Connor, Carla Manene Cooke, Marie Danniely, Lynne Davis, Rosanne Ehrlich, Irene Fick, Anne Gruner, Penny Hackett-Evans, Melinda Halpert, Elyse Hilton, Beth Kanell, Indra Kapur, Tricia Knoll, Susan Knox, Margaret Koger, Jacqueline Lapidus, Jane Manaster, Carolyn Martin, Charlene Neely, Hope Nisly, Margaret C. Pearson, Roberta Peets, Melanie Perish, Crystal Pillifant, Rosetta Radtke, Ellen K. Reichman, Kerfe Roig, S. Rose, Jane Seskin, Ursula Shepherd, Marcella Peralta Simon, Vicki Vogt, Sabine Vorkoeper-Orchard, Kresha Richman Warnock, Margie Wildblood, windflower
Illustrations by Susan Pollet

In Memoriam

Katharine Spalding Cunningham
Tribute by Elizabeth Zimmer

Persimmon Tree Forum

The Everywhere Wars
Our Readers Comment
Prose by Gail Arnoff, Denise Beck-Clark, Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton, Linda Budan, Patricia Chaloux, Patricia Dutt, Sylvia Fioelli, Marcia Calhoun Forecki, Susan Glassman, Marianne Goldsmith, Anna Gotlieb, Julia Griffin, Anke Hodenpijl, Nancy Graham Holm, Marilyn June Janson, Shirlee Jellum, Dr. Susan Jhirad, Beth Kanell, Deborah Kelly Kloepfer, Audrey Minutolo Le, Lisa Suhair Majaj, Carol Nadell, Linda F. Piotrowski, Concetta Pipia, Rosetta Radtke, Ellen Reichman, Cynthia Stock, Kathy Taylor
Illustration by Sandra Morris
Artwork by Kerfe Roig


Illustrations by Sheree Combs, gaye gambell-peterson, Cindy Waszak Geary, Carmen Germain, Phyllis Green, Lillian Hill, Rita Mendes-Flohr, E.E. King, Marilyn Papayanis, Susan Pollet, Mary Lou Reker, Kerfe Roig, Janice Lynch Schuster, Marcella Peralta Simon, Merry Song, Carmen Urrutia, Nancie Warner, windflower


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Issue 69, Winter 2023/2024